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Xm Radio vs. Sirius Research Proposal

… XM Sirius Radio

XM radio vs., Sirius

XM Sirius Radio: A seriously flawed business model

In the face of the current economic recession, many entertainment companies are suffering. When people are struggling to pay for the basic necessities of life, such as food, shelter, and medical expenses, one of the first things they cut back on is entertainment, such as cable television, going to the movies -- and premium radio. In February of 2009, the radio behemoth Sirius XM declared that it had hired advisers to prepare for a possible bankruptcy filing (Sorkin & Kowue 2009). Few expressed surprise and many declared that the business model for premium radio was flawed from the beginning. "The idea of charging a "modest fee" in return for supposedly…. [read more]

Xm Radio vs. FTC Case Study

… XM Radio

XM's role as a media provider is as a content distributor. The company acquires content, and uses a relatively unique mechanism to distribute that content to consumers.

The FTC and FCC are two bodies that regulate media firms. The FCC's role is to oversee media companies, while the FTC is a general oversight body covering a range of trade issues. Both have enforcement authority and therefore could cause significant disruption to firms XM Radio.

The news media would find this story newsworthy for a few reasons. Satellite radio is a big new product that has made a splash in the media business. Stories about widespread consumer rip-off often make headlines. In addition, XM is a competitor for some media companies, so anything it…. [read more]

Xm Radio Term Paper

… XM Radio

XM and Sirius are the sole operators granted a license to radio broadcast through satellite and the latter possessed better technologies and more financial resources (Godes and Ofek, 2004). Due to their transactions on the stock market, Sirius had attracted numerous investors which contributed to the completion of their operations and offered them increased chances of launching their products prior to XM. Were this to actually happen, XM would be seriously affected from numerous stand points.

A first effect of Sirius' launch before XM's would be materialised in the loss of numerous potential customers. In other words, there is a great demand out there for satellite broadcasting radio channels, and if Sirius manages to launch their services first, they will be able to…. [read more]

Xm vs. Sirius Term Paper

… ¶ … Competitive Strengths and Weaknesses of XM Satellite vs. Sirius Satellite

In November, 2007, Sirius and XM announced their intention to merge and on March 24, 2008 the Department of Justice (DOJ) approved the merger, citing the companies as competing in the audio entertainment industry instead of the more specifically defined satellite radio industry. Detractors argued that the value positions of each company, Sirius and XM, underscored their intentions to dominate the satellite radio industry, yet the DOJ stated in approving the merger that both companies face significant competition in the broader audio entertainment industry. Both XM and Sirius has heavily invested in each of their product and service divisions, with Net Income (Tables 1 and 3) being elusive for each company. It is…. [read more]

Sirius Xm Competitive Landscape Research Proposal

… Sirius XM

Shift from Dynamic Oligopoly to Monopoly

Sirius XM was formed through the merger of Sirius and XM Satellite Radio in the summer of 2008. The merger process was lengthy, drawn out by regulators who were concerned about competition in the industry (AFP, 2008). At the core of the regulators' concern was that the merger would create a monopoly in the industry. The companies, however, argued that the merger would allow the combined entity to turn the industry's first profits. Moreover, they argued, the first competes in a broader industry with terrestrial radio, Internet radio and other music providers. Satellite radio held less than 10% of the total home and car market (Ibid).

If the satellite radio industry is taken as a standalone entity,…. [read more]

Sirius and Xm Satellite Radio Term Paper

… It has 20 presets and a built-in wireless FM transmitter for use on all 100 FM frequencies. A home system that integrates with existing audio equipment is also available, with prices ranging from $250 up to $2,000. A head unit can also be placed in a car, and Sirius has over 15 headunits to choose from in prices ranging from under $200 to over $1,000. Some of the more reasonably priced units come with CD players and removable fronts.

Sirius has two Loral FS-1300 satellites in orbit, which cover the entire United States, with each satellite designed to have a useful life of about 15 years from time of launch. Its system uses terrestrial repeaters to maintain signal quality in areas with high concentrations of…. [read more]

Satellite Radio: The New Technology Term Paper

… With satellite radio, no matter where the listener lives, he or she can choose from a full range of radio formats. In addition, digital broadcasts include complete information about the artist and recording being listened to (Newman, 2002).

Both companies offer about 100 stations a wide variety programming including talk radio, different styles of music and other kinds of radio entertainment. For instance, some radio stations are dedicated to a particular era of music (ex: the 1940's or "oldies" Rock' 'n Roll), sports discussion and current events discussions.

Sirious Broadcasting produces all its stations in its own studios, many commercial free, while XY offers some of its own program formats but others that are rebroadcasts from traditional radio stations. In this way, satellite radio differs…. [read more]

Future of Radio Research Paper

… Future of Radio

What is the future of radio? Does radio have a positive future with a wide-open list of possibilities, or are there stumbling blocks in front of radio's future? What are the technologies and other competing sources? What will it take for radio stations to convert to digital technologies, and why have they not done that to date? These and other issues will be discussed in this paper.

Current State of Radio Broadcasting

According to a report called "The State of the News Media" by the Pew Research Center, traditional AM and FM radio "still dominate the audio landscape" but there are "growing signals that raise questions about its future" (Olmstead, et al., 2011, p. 1). Olmstead reports that "large majorities of Americans…. [read more]

Battle in Radio Broadcasting Identify Thesis

… 3. Identify the organization's chief threat to sustainable competitive advantage

The organization's chief threat to sustainable competitive advantage is that of Sirius Internet Radio. Since the internet is the latest trend in our society today, many are going to choose to go this route in order to find a way to listen at work and at home in order to reduce stress levels and to make a difference in society itself. This indicates that much competition is occurring because there is need for both satellite and internet for one to get the latest news and music on a regular basis. Regardless, they are able to reach a worldwide audience depending on their marketing strategy. People will benefit from either, but the Internet makes it a…. [read more]

Howard Stern With Social Criticism Research Paper

… " (Ovide, 2011) This is important, because it is showing how despite the various social criticisms, Stern was able to avoid them by moving to satellite radio. The troubles with the pay dispute are an illustration, that at some point in the future he may go back to traditional radio (if the incident is not resolved).

Clearly, there are tremendous amounts of social criticisms that are leveled against Howard Stern and his show. The reason why, is because he has very racy comments about: events and specific groups in society. This makes many of these segments angry, as they believe that he disrespecting them and what they stand for. While Stern counters, that he is only expressing his opinion and that he is not directing…. [read more]

Business Law: Arbitration Agreements Research Paper

… " (Oberman, 2012, p.1) The result is that arbitration providers were "suddenly were being filed often, particularly consumer class actions and employment class actions." (Oberman, 2012, p.1) The response of the Supreme Court to this trend has been evidenced in the decisions it has issued since Bazzle. Specifically reported is that in 2009 in the case Stolt-Nielsen S.A. v. Animal Feeds Int'l Corp., the court held that "…where the parties agree that their agreement was 'silent' on whether class arbitration should be permitted, an arbitrator could not find that the agreement permitted class action. This was initially seen as cutting off class arbitrations unless an agreement expressly provided for it. However, a number of courts have read Stolt-Nielsen narrowly, as applying only to cases where…. [read more]

Science of Desire Research Proposal

… Science of Desire

Ever since there has been the concept of ownership, there has also been the concept of selling the goods own owned. Depending on the period of cultural development and the abundance (or lack) of various resources, the selling of goods and services has grown and diminished in importance. In today's United States and Western culture in general, few things could be considered more important from political and socio-economic viewpoint -- our entire society is built on the notion that companies can continue to make profits by selling things to consumers. When consumers stop buying, or when companies are unable to meet other financial obligations and can no longer sell, many other parts of society are threatened with collapse. This is one (admittedly…. [read more]

New Product Acceptance in the Public Term Paper

… New Product Acceptance in the Public

The conventional media & its saturation:

Since the past decade, the reach of television and other mass media to the younger customers in the developed world has seen a decline. With traditional advertisement methods slowly losing their capability to tap target audiences, companies are turning new approaches to reach customers and create demand for products and services. Three primary reasons account for the traditional media losing their steam in creating demand for products. First, increasing fragmentation- as the number of television channels, radio stations and consumer applications proliferate; the audience splits into even more smaller groups. This makes it more and more difficult and expensive to reach out to a particular audience compared to what it was in the…. [read more]

Howard Stern and Social Criticisms Research Paper

… Over the course of time, this has helped him to be able to increase his popularity and following. Yet, it simultaneously has led to a rise in the number of complaints and critics who want Stern off of the air. Once this occurred, it meant that the shows notoriety would increase. As a result, this is helping to give us specific insights as to why he engages in controversial behavior on the air and how he feels about these criticisms. (Stern 1996, pp. 14 -- 106)

Bulger, C. (2009). The King of all Internet Radio. Compete. Retrieved from:

In the article that was written by Bulger (2009), it talks about how Howard Stern remains popular on Sirius Satellite Radio. This is because, he was…. [read more]

Artificial Intelligence / Robotics Term Paper

… P. Snow's use of the word was clearly polemical, wishing to imply an irrational fear and hatred of science and technology. Luddites had, in this view, come to be imagined as the counter-revolutionaries of that "Industrial Revolution" which their modern versions have "never tried, wanted, or been able to understand."[footnoteRef:2] [2: Thomas Pynchon, "Is It O.K. To Be A Luddite?" New York Times Book Review, 28 October 1984. 40.]

In other words, the Luddites are the archetype for "Human Defending Itself From A Robot" in the same way that the Terminator and Matrix movies, or for that manner Blade Runner, can be interpreted as embodying such an archetype within the circumscribed genre of "speculative robot fiction" or generalized stories about uncanny automata (like Collodi's Pinocchio…. [read more]

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