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Youth Sports Research Paper

… Youth sports have become a way for children to become distracted from the outside world. Sports shield children from the environment if they are at-risk youths or sports may create a sense of comrade among children from different socioeconomic backgrounds. However, what makes youth sports such an essential component of a child's upbringing is sports ability to build character. Ethics and morals can be learned through sports, therefore developing a child's ability to distinguish between right and wrong. Sports are also credited with affecting self-esteem and relationships between peers. However, aside from the advantages that sports offer, there is a difference between how sports affect both boys and girls.

Character is an attribute attained while learning the art of sports-playing. This term is defined as,…. [read more]

Sports Participation Character Development Opening Research Paper

… In the article, "Justplay: A revolutionary approach to youth sport administration and sportsmanship," Elaine Raakman (2006) asserts that although the potential exists for youth sport participation to build positive character traits, when society diverts its emphasis away from sportsmanship to focusing more on outcome, children as well as communities may experience negative benefits. Raakman relates the following:

The original goals of the first community-organized youth sport programs (Pop Warner Football in 1929 and Little League in 1938) revolved around the development of good citizenship and good sportsmanship. The founders of these programs were actually reiterating principles made famous by the father of the modern Olympics, Baron de Coubertin, who asserted that participation in sport could help develop engaged, balanced citizens. (Raakman, 2006, ¶ 3)

A…. [read more]

Sports Shoes and Sports Clothing Market and Trends in Turkey Research Proposal

… Sports Shoes Turkey

Sports Shoes and Sports Clothing Market and Trends in Turkey

Brief History of Turkey

Turkey is an internationally recognized center for sports enthusiasm and participation. The interest in sports is culturally bound both historically and as an aspect of Turkey's general international cosmopolitan nature. This is especially true as a result of the modern emphasis on European involvement and a relatively open international but specifically western travel emphasis both to and from the nation. Aspects of western influence, but specifically UK influence are bound in the Turkish culture as a result of years of European and other allied assistance to overthrow what remained of the Ottoman Empire and collectively remove occupying forces from Greece from the nation. Turkey was in fact the…. [read more]

Sports Management Facilities as a Sports Events Research Paper

… Sports Management


As a sports events organizers there is a lot of responsibility that is involved. First would be able to find out the condition of the facilities being used for the baseball game. It would be to look for the best baseball fields. It would be important to make sure that facilities and cleaned for the use and also that they are safe. For example, the benches that the fans will be sitting on have to be secure a clean it there is tall grass on the baseball field. Them it will be my job to make sure that Th baseball field is manicured. The next thing to do would be to make sure everything is prepared such as the preparation (for instance…. [read more]

Sports Tourism Assessment

… Sports Tourism: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Having a sport mega event in Belfast, Northern Ireland is something that would have to be carefully considered. It may or may not work, depending on the type of the event and other factors. The best way to determine whether an event of this type would work in Belfast would be through two avenues: a SWOT analysis on the area as it pertains to a sporting event and a study of volunteerism in the area in order to determine whether it will be difficult to find enough volunteers to contribute to the event. These volunteers do not necessarily have to be fans of the sporting event, but it would be more likely that they would help out if they had…. [read more]

Sports and Social Change Essay

… Sports and Social Change

The National Football League (NFL) is changing. It has a new face, and one that everybody -- straight, lesbian, gay bi-sexual transsexual (LGBT) and queer can both recognize and respect.

There have been a number of recent developments within the NFL that show it is taking demonstrable steps to illustrate the same sort of social justice that is increasingly being reflected across America and the world at large. This past winter, NFL hopeful Michael Sams admitted he's a homosexual to a national audience including the New York Times and ESPN. A few weeks later the quarterback of the Washington Redskins, Kirk Cousins, stated that he and his teammates would welcome an openly gay player who could "help us win" (Huffington Post).…. [read more]

Sports in American History Term Paper

… However, over time, sports would become a significant arena in the battles that were against segregation and racial refinement.

The Negro National League had been discovered in 1920 by Rube Foster, and this organization was like a hub for blacks going through racism on the field. This league did survive for a while but racism in this recreation of baseball went on for a very long time. The Negro Southern League operated consecutively from 1920, usually at a lower level. Up until, until 1946 professional baseball in the United States was performed in two racially separated league organizations, both that were on each side of the so-called color line. During a lot of the time there were two high-level "Negro major leagues" that were having…. [read more]

What Factors Influence a Youth's Decision to Withdrawal From a Sport Research Proposal


To Have Fun"

The number one reason a youth relates that he/she participates in a sport "is to have fun" Seefeldt, Ewing, and Walk (1992; cited by Hedstrom and Gould, 2004, p. 21) purport. Motives which influence a youth's decision to participate in sports include a number of other reasons, often multiple and include the: "interplay of skill development, physical development, and social interaction" (Ibid.).

Regarding a youth's motives to participate in school-sponsored sports, the motive "to win" ranks number 8. Youth who participated in sports outside of those their school sponsored, albeit, did not even list the reason, "to win" as a reason they decided to participate in sports. Research repeatedly reveals that a number…. [read more]

Youth Sports Archery Essay

… Discussion:

Harkins (2010) supports the primary hypothesis presented here. Harkins builds his argument on research claiming that increased physical activity improves healthy brain function. This is especially so in children, Harkins contends, strengthening the claim here that youth sports are valuable both physically and intellectually. Harkins goes further to argue that fencing is a sport uniquely well-suited for this dynamic phase of physical and intellectual growth. The text contends that "fencing is unique, a sport that asks its participants to make moves and calculations in an instant. In the game of chess, players must think several moves ahead in order to execute a winning strategy. Fencing, similarly, requires the fencer to carefully engage with his or her opponent in order to exploit weakness and score…. [read more]

Youth Sports Development Center Business Plan

… Youth Sports Development Center will be organized as a Limited Liability Corporation under the existing state laws. A centralized facility has been rented to provide a full range of coaching and instructions services in the sports of baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, volleyball, and lacrosse. This facility will contain the finest fitness equipment necessary to provide the young athlete with all his or her individual needs. Additionally, the Center will hire the best available coaching and instructors.

Participation in organized sports has exploded in the past several decades and parents are increasingly eager to provide their children with any available edge to enable them to be more competitive. Informal surveys indicate that within a 20-mile radius of the Youth Sports Development Center there are over…. [read more]

Sports and Education While Research Essay

… Put another way, it may not be that sports actually improve a student's academic performance, but rather than a student must already have decent grades in order to play sports. While one may suggest that these requirements encourage students who wish to play sports to try harder in school, this is entirely different from the argument that playing sports itself is beneficial to academic performance, because the effects of the former case could be achieved with an academic requirement for any sufficiently attractive activity. The distinction here is crucial, because the reported academic benefits of sports are put into question if these preemptive academic requirements are not taken into account. Thus, in the extant literature, one may confidently acknowledge the positive correlation between non-athletic extracurricular…. [read more]

Sports and Steroids Thesis

… Sports and Steroids

Steroids and Their Effects

Steroids or anabolic steroids are drugs containing hormones or similar substances, which are used to increase strength and grow muscles (Donald & Talmadge 1998). When first developed in Europe in the 30s, they were used to treat under-nourished patients and induce their healing after surgery. It was in the 50s that competitive weightlifters discovered steroids to improve athletic performance. Athletes of other sports took after them, so that gradually, at least one out of15 male high school seniors in the U.S. has used the drugs. Some of them just want to increase strength and size, while others want to grow up faster to catch up with peers. Anabolic steroids can be bought over the counter in some countries,…. [read more]

Sports and Anti-Trust Term Paper

… The Maurice Clarett Case

Regarding the NFL's position, they do not believe they are unreasonably restraining trade by insisting on monitoring and controlling the entry of players into the game. They are simply setting guidelines by which all players can have equal access to the game, and all teams within the league can have a fair and equal access to the annual crop of new players. According to NFL's executive vice president Jeff Pash, "We will move promptly for a stay in the Court of Appeals. We continue to believe that last week's ruling is legally erroneous and not in the best interests of the NFL, college football, or professional and college players. We are a long way from a final decision." (, online) Pash…. [read more]

Starting a Sports Program at a Newly Built High School Research Paper

… Starting a Sports Program at a Newly Built High School

The new high school which has been opened in the region is in dire need of a sports program. In the creation and implementation of the needed sports program, a multitude of elements have to be addressed. At a most primary level, logistics considerations have to be resolved, such as the location of the sports center or the equipments it will integrate. Secondly, it would be important to identify the staffing needs for the sports program and to pin point to the specific employees which are required.

The modern day society is market by a dynamic rate of evolution and rapid change. In this context, people are continually under pressure, work long hours and do…. [read more]

Motor Processes in Sport Tom Essay

… The approach for Tom might be best if the bilateral transfer notion is ignored and Tom's weakness is approached from a very basic instructional level. If there is bilateral transfer in this case it will reveal itself as Tom begins working on his left foot kicking technique and make the learning process all the smoother.

Given the above facts of the current case we can outline a program to help Tom improve his left foot kicking techniques and at the same time remain sensitive to the potential psychological issues in this situation.

Assessment Issues in Tom's Case.

The first step in the current process would be to perform both a physical and psychological assessment of Tom. The physical assessment would concentrate on Tom's left leg,…. [read more]

Race and Gender in Sports Influence of Family Dynamics and Getting a College Education Term Paper

… Sports, Race, And Gender


Sports, race, gender and sociology

Sports, race, gender and sociology

"The 10,000-hour rule has become a cliche. This is the idea, first espoused by K. Anders Ericsson, a psychologist at Florida State University, that it takes about 10,000 hours of practice before any individual can become an expert. The corollary of this rule is that…differences in talent reflect differences in the amount and style of practice, and not differences in innate ability…The differences between expert performers and normal adults are not immutable, that is, due to genetically prescribed talent. Instead, these differences reflect a life-long period of deliberate effort to improve performance" (Lehrer 2010). However, in regards to sports, particularly in regards to minority performance in sports, immutable characteristics like…. [read more]

Sport Term Paper

… Oriard relates the "initiation" ritual almost verbatim to accounts of tribal initiation rites of passage for entrance into manhood. He parallels the ritual meals, tribal chief, high priest and ancient heros of primitive initiations to manhood with the structured diet, team captain, team doctor, and former players of a football season's "rite of kinship." (Oriard 1993, p. 199) He notes a passage from J.H. Sears, a former Harvard football player, who detailed his football experience in terms which could almost exactly be derived from a primitive, tribal rite of passage:

The "new boy," a friendless freshman who responds to the call for candidates at the beginning of the fall...quickly discovers in the earliest practices that even the simplest drills are more difficult than they appear,…. [read more]

Sports Health Sciences Soccer Essay

… Analyzing some of the statistics will help us making a firm decision regarding this debate. Soccer is starting to gain popularity and develop interest in the citizens of United States. Moreover, Americans are looking for opportunities to improve the economy henceforth taking into consideration hosting a mage sports event. This can be a way of generating jobs for many and enhancing the tourism industry of United States. Economic state of the country is in need of some change in order to create more job opportunities which will give boost to the economy of the United States. AECOM is one of the famous reporting agencies which is currently working on generating reports to analyze the benefits of hosting World cup in United States. (Dennis, n.d.)

According…. [read more]

Racism in Australian Sports History Essay

… The Girri Girii Sport Academy enters the academy with high self-efficacy. Generally it has been believed that students with positive-identity are possibly to be associated with the success of the school and in order for the school to attain a positive self-identity then the students have no option except perceiving value in schooling.

According to (Craven, 1989)), the aspiration of evaluated Indigenous students as well as the results based on the self-concept indicates that of course indigenous students do have lower self-concept as derived from the academic facets of self-concept. Other researchers have associated identity to vocational education and illustrate that individuals tend to connect to the practices of their communities by valuing place and its learning impacts. There suggestion is on effective programs in…. [read more]

Sports Like NFL and NBA and American Popular Culture Annotated Bibliography

… The famous baseball author Roger Kahn noted that Reese didn't say anything but the racists were silenced immediately as Robinsontold Kahn (Ruiz, 2013; Lee, 2012). After 27 years Robinson wore the Brooklyn Dodger uniform, Hank Aaron surpassed Babe Ruth's career home run record (playing with Atlanta Braves). Vin Scully a prominent Dodger play-by-play broadcaster noted on the night of 715th career home run, 'the crowd is giving a standing ovation to a black player for breaking the record in the Deep South of an all-time baseball legend (Hollander, 2014; Lee, 2012).

Sports have played a huge role in the American society on the whole as they have become a necessary part of the popular culture. American football is quite a popular game which brings NFL…. [read more]

Sports Have Graduated Term Paper

… Sports must be recognized as the big money industry it is; it cannot hide forever behind the mask of fair play and cheap entertainment. Sport "is a commercialized amusement business." (Tygiel, 109).

The social consequences of this history of sports are rather powerful. Essentially, the lessons that were inherent to the original conceptions of sports -- fair play, competition, learning of skills -- have been replaced with the necessity to win. This trend stretches down from professional sports to grade school. Because sports are seen as a path by which to achieve the dream of economic freedom, parents and coaches continually push children to win at all costs. Steroid use is one visible consequence of this more broad social trend: "High school students easily obtain…. [read more]

Australian Sport Industry Essay

… In the meantime, the number of golf players is depreciating in the long-term, even though the audiences for golf events that are televised still hold their ground (Bernie, 2008).

Evolving fashions and technologies have an immense outcome on the sales made from sporting goods in certain sectors. Manufacturers of sporting goods are continuously seeking for reasons why consumers should buy new equipment. Manufacturers of golf club and golf balls have adapted new technologies, which have proved to be a success to them. Makers of snow ski and board make use of new technologies once they are available. In addition to this, manufacturers of ski gears come up with new fashions and designs in a bid to get more customers purchasing their goods, whether or not…. [read more]

Sports and Society Term Paper

… Violence in American Sports Today

Participation in amateur athletic events has grown tremendously over the past few decades in terms of their scope, power, and economic status. In fact, in the United States alone, amateur athletics involve the lives and athletic experiences of people from their childhood through high school and college and beyond. Not surprisingly, then, high school and college sports are one of the most popular, and according to some observers, important aspects of academic life today. The camaraderie and fellowship that can emerge among sports players can last a lifetime, and practically all participants and spectators derive a great deal of entertainment from these events. The economics, too, of many high school and collegiate sporting events make these important components of the…. [read more]

Sports Management Term Paper

… This indicates that sport can be advantageous not only through involvement of people in it, but also through other types of participation and therefore recommends that the necessity for a broader evaluation of the influence on involvement and participation on sport, post games. (Literature Review: The impact of major sporting events)

The quality of service has been analyzed in the field of business management for years since the market is more competitive and marketing management has shifted its concentration from inherent performance like production to outward objectives like satisfaction and customers' perception of service quality. But the term service quality has only focused in the field of sport and recreational literature during the last twenty years. SERVQUAL that indicates the conventional disconfirmatory model was considered…. [read more]

Sports Medicine Research Proposal

… Sports medicine specializes in preventing, diagnosing and treating injuries related to participating in sports and/or exercise, specifically the rotation or deformation of joints or muscles caused by engaging in such physical activities. Because of the competitive nature of sports, a primary focus of sports medicine is the rapid recovery of patients, which drives many innovations in the field (Sports Medicine).

Three General Areas of Sports Medicine

Sports medicine can be divided into three general areas: clinical sports medicine, sports surgery, and the physiology of exercise.

Clinical sports medicine

Clinical sports medicine includes the prevention and treatment of athletic injuries and the design of exercise, improvement of performance and nutrition programs for maintaining peak physical performance. It includes the study of the effects of different levels…. [read more]

Sports Leadership Term Paper

… 6, SD = .4), high training and instruction (M= 4.4, SD = .4), high social support (M= 3.6, SD .6), moderate democratic behavior (M= 3.0, SD = .6), and low autocratic behavior (M= 2.7, SD .6). The psychological profile of this group is similar to the group of coaches in both the Home and Carron (1985) and Dwyer and Fischer (1988) studies (Bennett, 2000). These findings indicate that elite Dixie Youth baseball coaches place more emphasis on positive feedback and training and instruction while expressin g a lower preference for autocratic behavior. In summary, the current study provides preliminary data regarding the coaching leadership styles of elite youth baseball coaches of the United States and more importantly, adds to body of knowledge called for by…. [read more]

Sports Injuries Competitive Sports Participation Term Paper

… Therefore, adults should take a positive approach, set reasonable expectations of their children's physical and psychosocial abilities and learn to control their emotions.

It is imperative for parents to remember and emphasize children's motives for sport participation (having fun, being with friends, learning skills, improving health and fitness, etc.) and not to substitute them with their own motives (winning, earning social prestige, pursuing sport career, etc.)

Organization / Administration

Sport administrators should have a thorough understanding of structural and functional differences that exist between children and adults and design sport programs that are safe in both training and competition.

Special education / certification programs (clinics, seminars) have to be organized and systematically implemented for coaches working with the children of the defined age group.

Not…. [read more]

Football and Society A- Sports Term Paper

… e. The observer is looking and recording behaviors, without the notice of the subjects under observation (techniques, 2004). This type of direct field observation has kept me aloof from becoming an active participant of the game itself and has helped be to record unbiased observations. Further, this form of direct observation has suggested a more detached and separate perspective of the subjects in concern. Moreover, this form of direct observation is more focused, precised and subject-oriented than a participant observation, in which I have to become the part of the match to obtain some physical data. I am simply observing the football match and the behavior of the players than trying to become immersed in the game. This method is less time consuming and less…. [read more]

Motivation and Confidence in Sports Thesis

… 51). As it were, the association that exists between sport confidence and performance should be an important issue for psychologists in sports to analyze. Actually, sport confidence can be a varying and temporary variant. The inconsistency in sport confidence that exists in duration of time is influenced in basic by the sources of the confidence. (Weinberg & Gould, 1999, p.24).

Researchers can make an effort to realize how the sources of sport confidence would make an impact on the athlete's performance, level of confidence, cognition, emotion and behaviors. They may also carefully analyze the confidence that is derived from sources by realizing the interaction of the social background, organizational cultures, and the nuances of the athlete. Sport competition is a basic atmosphere…. [read more]

Marketing Plan a Sports Enterprise Essay

… The engagement of the sports center representatives in public relations through the granting of interviews in the local media and the hosting of conferences to promote the benefits of a sports center, and also the offer of their sport center.

The delegation of representatives to schools in order to promote the offer of the sports center. In this effort, it is important to also ensure that the information is passed on to the parents, through, for instance, the issuance of printed materials for the children to take home and show their parents.

5. Implementation and control

A final issue which has to be addressed at this stage is represented by the actual implementation of the sports marketing process, which could be completed as revealed below:…. [read more]

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