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Caste and Gender in India Essay

… ¶ … hijras & Dalits and explain their marginalization

Here, you need to explain to the reader why these two groups are marginalized. Particular ideas of sexuality, gender, and caste are used to justify their continued marginalization and ostracization. Why… [read more]

Gender Dysphoria in Children Thesis

… Gender and Sexuality: Gender Dysphoria in Children

Gender Dysphoria in Children

Gender is not an absolute or guaranteed condition in the human experience, and even young children can experience some confusion concerning their perceptions of what gender they should be… [read more]

Engaging in Gender Role Incongruent Behavior Thesis

… Gender and Sexuality

Gender Norms and Sexuality

This paper examines societal response to women who violate gender norms. To examine these reactions, the author engaged in three behaviors that are typically identified as male behavior: chewing tobacco in public, engaging… [read more]

Differences in Gender Violence Rape Based on Race Sexuality Gender and Class Term Paper

… Gender Violence (Rape) and on race, sexuality, gender, and class

The problem of gender violence in general has attracted a wide debate and concern in equal measure for a long time among many players, both active and armchair, in the… [read more]

How a Print Advertisement Represents Gender and Sexuality Essay

… Gender in Ads

An advertisement for Calvin Klein "Double Black" Jeans depicts a shirtless man bent over some kind of table or bed. His torso is featured prominently and comprises the bulk of the photograph composition. A woman with wet hair buries her chin in the small of his back, attempting to pry his Calvin Klein jeans off. Her mouth is open as if she intends to bite the man's buttocks; she therefore appears filled with passion and desire. He, on the other hand, appears to perceive the woman as a nuisance. His brow is furrowed while he glances back disinterestedly at the woman. The man appears to be saying, "What are you doing?" His left arm is extended forward and his right is used for leverage, and it looks as if he would try to get away from the hungry female. The woman's head, neck, and right forearm are showing: otherwise her body is cut out of the composition.

Although the man appears to be disinterested in the woman behind him, their bodies are linked together as their heads are shown forming a straight line, hers nestled snugly in the curve of his lower back. The predominant image is of the man's body, though. He is the figure that possesses the primary sexual power in the picture; she lusts after him because of it. Viewers' eyes will be drawn around the composition, switching from his head to hers, following the natural lines of his erotic form. The diagonal line created by their connected figures allows the eye to roam freely and explore the spaces and shapes created by the two bodies. His left arm and hand and his right bent elbow also form a straight line that point the eye towards the women's head, and the line continues with her right hand. Moreover, he looks back at her, and the viewer's eyes want to catch what he is looking at.

Contrary to the assumption that the man would hunger for the female nibbling at his behind, the advertisement depicts a self-contained man. The tension between the male and female is likely pointing to a homosexual underpinning. Without displaying overt homoeroticism, the advertisement does subvert traditional norms of gender and sexuality. His lack of interest in the passionate female behind him is most likely due to his sexual preference. The male form is featured in the advertisement precisely to emphasize male sexuality. The male possesses the considerable bulk of sexual power in the photograph: so much power that the woman behind him grabs for it. The advertisement suggests that Calvin Klein "Double Black" Jeans make a man irresistibly sexy. Both men and women will desire him.

The position of male and female forms in the photograph subverts traditional heterosexuality, too. Typically a man is shown lusting after women: she is chased and initially resists and fends off… [read more]

Genders and the Differences Thesis

… Sociology - Gender & Sexuality


Define and distinguish sex and gender:

Sex refers to the range of physical and physiological elements of the biology of sexual relations. Gender refers to the learned elements of the social… [read more]

Homosexuality Japan in Japan's Progressive Term Paper

… Homosexuality Japan

In "Japan's Progressive Sex: Male Homosexuality, National Competition, and the Cinema," Jonathan M. Hall (2000) connects the "gay boom" in Japanese cinema with Japanese gender construction, gender norms, and Japanese nationalism. By framing male homosexuality as a reflection… [read more]

What Can We Learn From Other Cultures That Can Help US Better Understand Our Sexualities? Essay

… ¶ … Cultures Can Teach Us about Sexuality

Sexuality is an interesting concept, and when examined clearly has a relationship to cultural rules and norms. What is considered acceptable and appropriate sexual behavior varies significantly according to cultural rules, though… [read more]

Midsummer Bottom's Up in a Midsummer Night Essay

… Midsummer

Bottom's Up in a Midsummer Night's Dream

Despite the simplicity -- indeed, the very baseness -- of much of its humor, a Midsummer Night's Dream is actually one of Shakespeare's more complex plays on several levels. The three distinct plots and their varying levels of intersection can lead to a great deal of confusion to an unfamiliar reader or audience member, the language itself often runs sentences that are long and convoluted even by Elizabethan standards, and the themes of sexuality, gender, and free will are complex enough to be interpreted in several conflicting ways. It is also one of Shakespeare's most hilarious comedies, with jokes that range from the aforementioned baseness and vulgarity to utterly delightful witticisms and turns of phrase, often form the most unlikely (and unsuspecting) of characters. The overall result is a full-bodied and yet strangely cerebral play whose text demands performance for even the slightest semblance of focus, purpose, meaning, and true understanding.

It is true that the play is quite complex and depends heavily on tricks with language for both its comedy and its philosophy; "it would be a mistake, however, to regard the interwoven strands which make up the tapestry of the comedy as being predominantly literary and intellectual" (Riverside 251). Enter Bottom the Weaver, along with the rest of the Rude mechanicals. These Athenian craftsmen are trying to form an amateur acting company to perform at the Duke's wedding, and Bottom quickly becomes the group's center, largely through his own doing. Bottom is a very earthy character at the heart of what is an essentially earthy play, full of the motives of nature (as rendered by the genitals) and acting with the freedom that can only exist within the boundaries of the human spirit.

Ambition and hedonism, in that order, seem to be Bottom's sole motives in the play, and in this he is representative of the other characters and the play as a whole. Shakespeare uses this character and the vulgarity associated with him to make this explicit, rather than couching these motives in more poetic terms as he does for both the lovers and the fairies (to a degree). His comment towards the end of the play that "Man is but an ass if he go about t' expound this dream" pretty much sums up the entirety of the action for the bulk of the characters; the story is highly unbelievable to any that have not witnessed its full machinations (i.e Puck and the audience) (Riverside 275, IV. i., 206). His overt pursuit of each of his desires -- the various roles in the play, the glory he wants the play to achieve, and even his enjoyment of the pleasures Titania offers (though this is more implied) -- shows him to… [read more]

Girl and Great Falls Essay

… Moreover, the authoritarian voice assumes that the narrator is "bent on becoming" a slut (477). The maternal voice almost preprograms the narrator to become a slut. Her sexual identity is formed through mixed messages. She is told she is "bent… [read more]

Non-Traditional Families Reaction Paper

… Non-Traditional Families

The two scholarly articles critiqued in this paper bring very different perspectives into view. They offer very different conclusions. And yet they are linked in the sense that they investigate and evaluate family success vs. family failure vis-a-vis… [read more]

Man Who Fell in Love With the Moon Research Proposal

… Man Who Fell in Love With Moon

If there is anything true about history, it is the saying, "what comes around, goes around." In fashion, for example, the same styles weave in and out of different eras. To the younger… [read more]

Family, Friendship and Love Term Paper

… None of these authors are suggesting that alimony should be immediately terminated on the strength of this argument. At least however, alimony should be terminated within a reasonable period of time when a newly divorced woman is able to secure work for herself.

Gay rights is a further issue that has enjoyed considerable attention in recent times. The most prominent issue is that of gay marriage. Mohr suggests that distinguishing between genders in order to define marriage is absurd, and that love and commitment should be the distinguishing factors. Human beings who are inclined to be together should thus not be deterred from doing so legally as a result of their gender.

It has been seen above, in the case of Russell especially, that values based upon biblical teachings have become somewhat arbitrary as opposed to being accepted without question. Thus homosexuality has increasingly been accepted as part of the diverse society, rather than condemning the phenomenon as perverse.

Finally, it is the opinion of numerous authors within the readings that parents should be absolutely honest with their children regarding the above issues. In terms of sexuality, for example, Rusell demands that children should be told all that they wish to know about sexuality, with the result that they will grow up without the sexual dysfunctions imposed by negative religious and moral views usually established at childhood. This should also be the case regarding gender and gay roles, as well as rights. If a child is a girl for example, she should be taught that her place in the world will be the result of her actions, rather than decisions and norms imposed by society. Russell especially calls for honesty between parents and children. Children for example should never be made to feel ashamed for being curious about sexuality.

The traditional in the above views thus differs significantly from the conventional. Conventionally, children are taught that sex outside of marriage is morally wrong. However, the new philosophy suggests that sex improves with practice, and that young people should be allowed the opportunity to experience sex before marriage in order to improve the experience within marriage. The relationship between parents and children has also evolved to become more open and honest. Whereas children in the past were mostly ignored and/or imposed upon to adhere to strict discipline, this is no longer the case.

The implication of the new set of morals appears to be both beneficial and detrimental. It depends on how the transition between the traditional and the new is handled. To ensure a more functional society, I believe honesty between parents and children relating to all of the above issues is crucial. It is also important to cultivate tolerance in order to ensure that the social fabric stretches rather than breaks as time and technology… [read more]

Ellen Degeneres Term Paper

… Her honesty spurred others to look closely at their lives, and it made television history.

Socially, it seems that many Americans have become more accepting of alternative lifestyles and less judgmental about the people who admit they are gay. However, the gay community still has a long way to go to be fully accepted in a country where there are still numerous homophobics. There are those who decry the lifestyle for religious reasons, and those who decry it for personal reasons. However, America is a society that has blended populations for decades. We are supposed to be a society that will accept anyone into our country. DeGeneres states she is not "political," but her acknowledgment turned into a political crusade for gay rights that continues today in the continuing fight for acceptance with gay marriage laws. Economically and socially, gays are a force to be reckoned with, but they are still unable to gain enough political backing to create new and updated laws in the country. Ellen DeGeneres came out of the closet at a time when it was fairly safe. However, her impact on the acceptance of gays is extremely important. Her life proves that gays must take chances to be accepted in society, but that society is slowly becoming more accepting, and will probably continue to grow more understanding in the future. Today, it is not so controversial to admit you are gay, but it is still not nearly as acceptable as gays would like it to be. There are still prejudices and laws working against gays in America, and if people continue to mistrust and misunderstand the gay lifestyle, gay rights will continue to be an issue of concern and prejudice in our country.


Carstarphen, Meta G. And Susan C. Zavoina, eds. Sexual Rhetoric: Media Perspectives on Sexuality, Gender, and Identity. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1999.

Editors. "Ellen DeGeneres Bio." 2004. 19 June 2004.

Gross, Larry. Up from Invisibility: Lesbians, Gay Men, and the Media in America. New York: Columbia University Press, 2001.

Hillier, Linda. "Ellen's Bio." Personal Web Site. 1997. 19 June 2004.… [read more]

Politics of Gender and Sexuality in Aristophanes Lysistrata Term Paper

… Gender and Sexuality

New Criticism: Gender and Sexuality in Aristophanes' Lysistrata

Aristophanes' Lysistrata is one of the eleven plays penned by the playwright that has survived over time. The original performance of this production occurred in classical Athens reportedly in… [read more]

Correlations Between Gender Sexuality Violence and Pornography Term Paper

… Gender Porn

Gender, Sexuality, Violence and Pornography

What is the relationship between pornography and violence against women? How has technology affected this dynamic?

According to our reading, both in the texts by Renzetti et al. (2012) and Jensen (2007), pornography can carry significant implications regarding gender roles and hierarchies in our society. In particular, these texts point to the notion that the content of our pornography is a reflection of specific gender-role patterns and that these patterns generally cast the male as dominant and the female as subordinate. Indeed, not only do many of the scenarios described in Jensen's text imply that women exist only to satisfy the desires of men, but there is also cause to interpret from pornographic content that this submission even extends to a lust for violent treatment. According to Jensen, even in scenarios where women do not appear to initially desire male sexual attention, pornographic content inclines us to believe that "any woman who does not at first realize this can be easily turned with a little force" (p. 56)

2. How has access to pornography, it's level proliferation and the intersection of pop culture and pornography impacted definitions of masculinity and femininity? How has it impacted definitions and expectations of sexuality and sexual desire?

In many ways, the technological proliferation of pornography has had a detectable social impact. With the internet, the availability and accessibility of pornographic content has grown exponentially. So too has the opportunity for exploitative behavior to proliferate without any regulatory oversight. As a result, increasing variety and extremity of pornographic acts may be found with the ease of a search engine. Among other factors, this has increased access for younger online users, helping to stimulate an understanding of male and female interaction as being inherently sexualized and fetishized, Jensen warns.

3. Why is Jensen anit-porn? What is your opinion?

Jensen (2007) makes the case that sexuality has long been a context in which the male impulses to subordinate and subjugate… [read more]

Gender, Sexuality, and Identity Term Paper

… Thus, rather the man stands as a martyr to philosophy, willing to die for the state whose protection he assumed, a state that allowed for him to teach for much of his life. A citizen, even in disagreement with the… [read more]

Sexuality Is Defined, Expressed Essay

… Because Trish is female and expected to have a lower sex drive than a male, she only presses Andy because of personal and psychological reasons but not because her biology is screaming for orgasm. Andy's abstinence is deviant, but it also lowers his sex drive to the presumed level of the female.

40-year-old Virgin simultaneously upholds and subverts normative sexual behavior and gender norms. On the one hand, the film shows that men are considered deviant if their sex drives do not determine their behaviors or ensure dominance over women. On the other hand, the film shows that men are perhaps not as biologically determined as is suggested by the NSA axiomatic norms that govern American society. Andy's friends come to realize how their being driven by androcentric sexual norms have interfered with their relationships and peace of mind. Andy himself comes to see that his deviant virginity has ensured self-fulfillment in that he genuinely does want a stable, monogamous heterosexual relationship and was not interested in conforming to the norms that constrain his peers' behavior. 40-year-old Virgin also shows how sex operates on complex dimensions, and is at the intersection between self and society. Sex is both deeply personal, but also essentially political and social in nature. Sex becomes a significant rite of passage for Andy, but that rite of passage arrived decades after it does for most men in his cultural milieu.


McGann, PJ (n.d.). The sexual natural attitude.

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Schwartz, P. & Rutter, V. (1998). The Gender of Sexuality. Thousand Oaks, CA: Pine Forge.

Seidman, S. (2010). The Science of Sex: Sexology and… [read more]

Sex and Gender and Men at Work Essay

… GENDER RELATIONS ISSUES -- (500 to 750 words requested)

In "Let's Talk about Gender, Baby" Wendy Kaminer makes the argument that contemporary American vocabulary perpetuates sexism. The author provides several examples of common phrases such as "woman doctor" that are inherently sexist because there is no counterpart for male physicians. The only reason that the phrases "woman doctor" exists is because, in our society, doctors are presumed to be male. Likewise, in "Men at Work" Anna Quindlen details the ways that gender roles continue to define the respective family and responsibilities of married men and women. One of the most significant ideas in the two pieces is the notion referenced by Kaminer that our societal value system "vacillates between Puritanism and permissiveness" in so far as issues of sexual morality are understood. That raises a problem that is actually much more significant than sexism in language and family roles.

Notwithstanding all of the progress that has been made in the realm of gender equality in employment law and other areas of American society, there is an important feature of sexism that is still dominant in American society: namely, gender-based sexual morality. Generally, females are socialized to accept the more Puritanical view of personal sexual morality and males are socialized to enjoy much different permissive rules. It should be no mystery why so many sexual relationships lead to disappointment for at least one of the individuals and much more often the female. This gender-based differential in sexual morality mores virtually guarantees the perpetuation of predatory pursuit of sexual relations because women are encouraged to express their sexuality primarily in significant relationships. By contrast, because men are socially rewarded for sexual conquests, they typically conceal that their only interest in some women is superficial and exclusively sexual, because men learn that many more women will consent to sexual relations within the context of a sincere "romantic" interest from a man than in the context of an honest acknowledgement that the man is uninterested in the women besides sexually.

Essentially, the way we socialize males and females differently about sexuality creates natural incentives for men to purposely misrepresent their interest in women because feigning a sincere or "romantic" interest is usually the most direct path to… [read more]

Performativity the Intersections Between Gender Essay

… My parents and their left-wing mentality held sway over his heart, but Andrew is not above pandering to the crowd. I'm sure on more than one occasion he kept his mouth shut when the guys in the locker room made homophobic remarks. And I also know that the only reason my brother escaped the scourge of bullying was that (a) he was strong and looked it; and (b) he was a nice guy and people tended to like him. Darren did get beat up. A lot, come to think of it. My brother stood up for him once, when he was ten. He got a black eye for it, and I think it made him proud. The birthday smooch took him back to that moment. It made him proud to kiss his friend, in what must have felt like a platonic gesture to them both. My brother was at that moment overcome years of indoctrination into a social code that was at once very much his own (for, after all, he fit in very well with the jocks); and at the same time, very much a source of shame for him.

My brother doesn't think too hard about these things, which is good. He doesn't use words like "interstitial" or "performativity." Andrew is just Andrew. He's lucky that way, because he does not experience much conflict within himself regarding his sexuality. Yet at the moment he kissed Darren, I knew by the spontaneous handclaps all around me, that I was surrounded by acts of performativity. Every person was thinking, "Oh! They're gonna get it on!" Perhaps it was a freak coincidence (because I don't think my brother capable of thinking this deeply), at that very moment in the club the DJ was playing a song by Louis Armstrong. The words go, "A kiss is just a kiss." This kiss was, for him, just a kiss. To the rest of us, though, it was an act of overt rebellion that challenged the positions of our normative boundaries. What does it mean to be gay, straight, or even bisexual? Does a straight man kiss his friend, with love, on the lips, and remain straight? My brother and I say yes, but we are subversive folk. [read more]

Race, Gender, Sex - Rollin Reaction Paper

… This book reflects this very authentically. The main players bob and weave in their own ways between what they want and what they value where sex seems always to be a subplot. The strong and confident Edgar, who wants to showcase his independence and pride, explodes with jealousy and fear when Vicente, whom he wants to help come out of the closet, tells their friends about Edgar's secret (that he is having sex with the school janitor). Edgar scoffs, calling Vicente a faggot while proclaiming proudly how we would really never give away such an important asset of his so easily. As Edgar says to their group: "I would never give my youth up that fast. I not that stupid. 'Sides, he stay married already. Vicente just jealous cuz I can get what I want and he no can." It sounds very much like the reality shows many adults of today have gravitated towards.

In a similar way, when Trina talks of her lover, Erwin, a high-school jock, she openly shares how she knows he loves her because of his wisdom of not wanting her to get pregnant too early. Plus, he always brings lots of condoms. She knows he is not "dickin around," that he really loves her, even if we as readers doubt that he cares of much beyond his football reputation. Still, the confidence that she portrays is pretty solid, even if misplaced. She sees no conflict with what she knows and what the rest of us experience for her. Like Kalihi in Farrah, it is better to act like what you really want than to want something you're fearful of portraying.

But the real story across all of the many layers is their use of language. This book is not just about youth and their exploits and naivetes. It is about the Pidgin-ing of a language to fit into the forces that rule their lives. How they roll together Tagalog, Hawaiian idioms, and 1970s American television perplexes everyone while giving a salute to their cultural clashes. How they speak demarks their personal uniqueness, their strange creativity, their defiance; and it even sets them apart from what the school and their peers really value. Filipino culture doesn't express such openness and blatant sexuality. But American TV suggests they should and they grab for what they can reach. They know little about how Pidgin comes from the need of the exploited in the past to speak in their own safe ways, claiming credit for their own existence. There is no director in their story, but still they broadcast their lines in ways that would make any award-winning script blush because of the street crud and credibility. Rolling together word and understandings just further blurs their confusions but it makes the story feel stronger.

I walked away from Rolling the R's without a lot of clarity of what it means to be a vulnerable Filipino kid in their time. The book is full of the politics of immigration, which… [read more]

Gender Show and Tell Essay

… Gender and Sexuality: What it Means to be a Man

In her essay, "Pills and Power Tools," Susan Bordo makes the point that male sexuality is not associated with sensuality or pleasure. Instead, male sexuality is associated with performance and force. Sex is something that men do to women, not something that is done to men. Furthermore it is something that men almost need to accomplish in order to complete their jobs as men. Sexual satisfaction is equated with sexual completion. Bordo talks about impotence and the idea that when a man has impotence he is described as impotent, and that such language is not reflected in other areas. Before discussing the show and tell item, it is important to address Bordo's assertions, because they are not correct. People are labeled diabetic, autistic, retarded, schizophrenic, nymphomaniacs, addicts, savants, and a whole variety of semi-diagnostic labels, rather than being characterized as a person with an illness. To suggest that impotence is the only time that a medical label is used as a noun is a disingenuous example and it this one-sided focus that seems to permeate much of Bordo's article. Yes, men drill, hammer, or screw women, if one looks at the popular terminology for sex. However, men also make love to women, shag, hump, or hook up with a woman. In other words, not every male-related term for sex is violent or reflects the idea of the penis as a tool.

The ad for KY Yours and Mine actually reflects the idea that male sexual satisfaction is important to the sexual experience. Bordo's argument is that many sex-related products are strongly gender-divided. Products for men are supposed to increase performance, while products for women are supposed to increase enjoyment. Of… [read more]

Gender Identity in Film Essay

… ¶ … Gender identity is an individual's isolated awareness, and personal understanding, of their own gender. Sexual identity. Sexual orientation is the favored term used when discussing a person's bodily and/or demonstrative desirability to the similar and/or contrary gender. "Heterosexual,"… [read more]

Sexuality Term Paper

… This is because they have placed that love as their center of happiness and when things go wrong, they end up in disappointments.

Many people go on to expect different things from love. If a person is going through psychological problems, he might go on to resolve his conflicts through a relationship. In that relationship, the person is able to attain gratification and domination through sadism or masochism. This is an example of love, intact and sexual perversions all in one category. A person placed the love or the relationship as the center of their attention. However, they link the perversions and the abnormal sexual behavior with that relationship as well. This sort of relationship can rarely lead to marriage and a peaceful life. Therefore, it was that psychological conflict led to sexual perversion and ultimate disruption of civilization.

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Childhood Any Less Safe Term Paper

… People who engage in sexual playfulness, cybersex, sodomy and sexual fetishes also present other queer features of sexuality in the society. Sexuality initially was a sacred factor of society. However, these practices and developments in the society make the current… [read more]

Homosexuality Demedicalization of the Gender Identity Disorder Essay

… Homosexuality

Demedicalization of the Gender Identity Disorder

Gender identity is a highly controversial subject. The notion that one's gender is a significant determination of personality traits, behavioral characteristics, social tendencies, romantic engagements and self-perception is a critical one. However, it… [read more]

Gender Influences on Women and or Men's Lives Essay

… Gender

African-American men understand the issue of white privilege, which frequently goes unnoticed by those who possess that privilege. In fact, it is almost part of the definition of white privilege that whites remain unaware of the social status, consideration,… [read more]

Feminism Three Topics on Sexuality Examine Term Paper

… Feminism

Three Topics on Sexuality

Examine how Two Feminist Thinkers Recast the Self as Subject?

Since its initiation as a theoretical discourse, feminist theory has been tasked with revising traditional theories of the self. Specifically, the traditional, essentialist, humanistic theory… [read more]

Gender and Sexuality Essay

… His experiences as an emissary to Gethen challenge this assumption about the inherent division by gender between all beings. However, Le Guin's novel does not take an idealized perspective of genderless life. On one hand, there is no discrimination against women and no patriarchical authority that forces women into an inferior position, based upon their biological status. However, Karhide is in a political conflict with the neighboring state of Orgoreyn. Lacking gender does not result in a perfect society, but it does make the people of Gethen more 'human' to some degree. All beings are equally able within their respective societies to enjoy their full capacity to think and maximize their full potential, regardless of gender. What is considered strange and perverse depends upon what is constructed as normal, not something inherent to the human condition. Ali is considered just as odd in Gethen someone who transgresses gender norms in our society.

Le Guin's text thus functions as both a critique of modern society's obsession with distinctions between males and females but also as a critique of so-called 'difference feminism' which suggests that women are inherently more cooperative than males, and that once gender distinctions end, so will all the problems of the world. The people of Gethen still struggle, but at least the struggles of gender stereotypes have been left behind and they can focus upon more pressing problems.

Work Cited

Le Guin, Ursula. The Left Hand of Darkness. Ace,… [read more]

Sexuality and PC-TV Facts Term Paper

… Conclusion

From sexuality being a tight-lipped subject for television, to a show entirely about lesbians, the media has certainly come a long way to embracing a new kind of sexuality, one that focuses on sexual orientation and seeks to provide a new reality for the average American. Do gays want the same things that straight people do? Absolutely. Do gay couples stress about how to find a sperm donor (just like a straight fertility challenged couple might?). Absolutely. In short, the only way to represent a group is to show it, in all its "Must See TV!" glory (McCarthy 94), to its mundane life details, to its heartbreaking coming out scene, television, it seems, has got it all covered, whether American are ready for it or not.

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Gender When Unraveling Research Paper

… However, it is also a freedom that derives from their lesser social standing and degree of power. Halberstam outlines how femininity and masculinity as social constructs are unparallel and uneven in how they can be negotiated.

Tomboyism appears to be… [read more]

Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing Research Proposal

… ¶ … roles of gender and sexuality in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, with particular focus on the gender identity of Hero. For all that Much Ado About Nothing is a cheery play, it has more to do with gender… [read more]

Biology, Culture, and Gender the Conceptual Inadequacy Essay

… Biology, Culture, And Gender

The Conceptual Inadequacy of the Binary Gender System:

In Sexing the Body: Gender Politics and the Construction of Sexuality (2000) Anne Fausto-Sterling explains that the binary concept of human sexuality is inadequate to account for the true range of variation of human gender. According to Fausto-Sterling, human social beliefs and culture have arbitrarily assigned all human beings to one or the other of only two opposite genders despite the fact that human gender orientation actually occurs along a much broader spectrum than can be accounted for by the two polar opposite gender assignments of "male" and "female" (p52).

Fausto-Sterling suggests that the existence of homosexual, bisexual, transsexual, and transgender phenomena are evidence that human sexual identity is much more complex than is capable of binary categorization (p53). Whereas traditional cultural views of gender and sexual identity regard gender as strictly a function of biological structure, the author explains that many other genetic variables and external influences actually make gender a product of nature and nurture elements that operate together as an "indivisible, dynamic system (p228).

Intersex Ambiguity and Cultural Biases Based on the Binary Gender Concept:

The author explains that as many as two percent of all human beings are born as intersexuals, including those born with mixed sets of genitals, and chromosomal abnormalities in which internal genetic makeup do not correspond to external appearance.

Fausto-Sterling suggests that where an infant is born with any kind of ambiguous genital appearance, standard medical practice has been for the physician to assign a gender artificially and solely based on the physical appearance despite the fact that genital configuration is only one very narrow component of human gender.… [read more]

Sexuality of Hermaphrodites Human Beings Research Proposal

… Sexuality of Hermaphrodites

Human beings are an incredibly diverse species within itself - race, ethnicity, geography, family, gender are all variables, just as DNA, fingerprints, and retinas all combine to create absolutely unique creatures - no two exactly alike. The… [read more]

Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals Sexuality Term Paper

… Two men involved in a consensual sexual relationships are considered gay. Two women involved in a consensual sexual relationship are considered lesbian. The term bisexual typically refers to a person who is attracted to members of both sexes, although bisexuals may be involved in monogamous relationships with members of either sex. However, the label often follows behavior, rather than attraction. For example, a homosexual who marries a member of the opposite sex and never acts on the same-sex attraction would be classified as straight by most people. In fact, programs aimed at changing sexual orientation speaks of success rates in terms of behavior changes, rather than changes in attraction. Likewise, heterosexuals may find themselves engaging in same-sex behaviors because of a lack of opportunity with members of the opposite, such as when incarcerated people engaged in same-sex behavior (Wikipedia, "Sexual Orientation").

Obviously, definining human sexuality is a daunting task. The first issue is that there are not simply two genders. Instead, there are persons who exhibit both male and female sex characteristics. Furthermore, there are people whose chromosomes are neither male nor female. Finally, there are those who are biologically or chromosomally members of one gender, but who identify with the other gender. The second issue is that, even in cases where gender can be identified, sexual orientation is a fluid construct. Some people who identify as one sexual orientation may engage in situational sexual behavior that differs from their orientation. In addition, people may not have an identifiable sexual orientation because their orientation may have changed over time and space. It is impossible to tell someone how to view gender or sexuality because no person, even looking at behavior, genitalia, or chromosomes, can determine the gender or sexual orientation of another person.

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. [read more]

Human Sexuality Has Changed Considerable Term Paper

… Human Sexuality has changed considerable over the past. When one looks at history we find that during the course of man progressing to become more and more civilized, human sexuality has undergone great evolution. With time there have been changes in society as well as culture, which have brought about vast changes in human sexuality and a redefinition of traditional gender roles. Questions regarding what are the standards of human sexual behavior are being debated upon extensively. Where polygamous societies existed, monogamy is now spoken for. There was a time when interracial marriages were forbidden and against the law in the United States, however today no such law exists. At a point in time what was considered to be deviant is now considered a variable only and such is seen in the wide acceptance of homosexuality and movements and considerations given to legitimize same sex marriages. The 1960s came with a revolutionary thought in mind and people advocated for free sex for all. However such thoughts and ideas received a blow with the outbreak of STDs like AIDS.

In the past there were specific roles given to males and females. Where the male was primarily the bread earner of the family, the females were given the role to take care of the household and the nurturing of the children. Their role was primarily to mold the child's character and introduce him to things like family values. Today these roles have changed, not completely, but to a certain extent where children spend their time in day care centers and the only character building that they receive is from schools and peer groups. This is mainly due to the rise of feminist groups which voiced for equal rights and set out for job opportunities. While women changed their role in the family and set out for an economical stability of their own, children have been given to others to take care of. Many today feel that children are only… [read more]

Compare and Contrast Perceptions of Genders in College Basketball Term Paper

… ¶ … Perceptions of Genders in College Basketball

The activities in games are a part of college and students participate in it to fulfill their own perceptions about themselves. There are also benefits they expect from the sport that they… [read more]

Gender Roles Sex Term Paper

… But regardless, the idea that one can feel such a tension highlights the constructed nature of sex as 'only two bodies' as well as gender as 'only male and female.' The fact that transvestites, who do not necessarily feel such a conflict, but merely perform in a persona of the opposite gender, can perform gender also shows that one can have a body sexed in a particular fashion and that what appears to be of a certain sex can be altered with entirely socialized constructions as clothing, makeup, and behavior, as well as other accoutrements. (Butler, 1990)

Some people, of course, would allege that they are neither male nor female in their true self, but androgynous. The difficulty of what is 'androgyny,' however, also highlights the difficulty of defining gender. The psychoanalytical theorist Bem has viewed androgyny to mean an individual is "both highly masculine and highly feminine, rather than neither masculine nor feminine," and stated that it is "better to be androgynous in today's society as men and women need to be adaptable, and willing to share all types of jobs, without saying that one job is woman's work or another job is just for men." (Bem, 2004)

But 'androgyny,' can also be used as term to assume sexual and gender differences as givens and to view deviance from these ideals no one really fulfills as kind of extraordinary behavior, even if Bem views it as positive behavior. Bem says that androgyny should not be seen as an absence of masculinity or femininity, but it is difficult to conceive of what an absence of masculinity or femininity would be, because it is so difficult to conceive of a society absent of gender. If most people are androgynous, why cling to distinctions of gender or sex at all?

Interestingly enough as well, even if an individual rates high on Bem's androgyny scale, does not mean that 'he' or 'she' will view his or her true nature as androgynous. Because of the social constructions of gender, a woman may view her 'handiness' around the house, not as a transcendence of labor norms that limit women's strength, but merely part of housecleaning duties. A man who is a professor might view his solicitous and caring attention to his students during office hours not as feminine care giving, but as an extension of his masculine role as a professor and a highly competent professor.

Gender is such a permeating and all-purveying ideology, that one can bend it to ideologically suit one's psychological needs to conform to the two stereotypes of male and female as they exist in one's culture quite easily. Even when gender stereotypes shift from age to age and culture to culture, one of the few unifying characteristics of the socially constructed roles and assumptions that attach themselves to sexualized bodies seem to be their durability and perceived 'normalcy' for all time, even in the face of considerable evidence to the contrary.

Works Cited

Butler, J. (1990). Gender Trouble, Feminism and… [read more]

Human Sexuality and Homophobia Term Paper

… The story of Gwen Aruajo touches upon another important issue: gender roles. Because men and women are considered to be bound by their biology, it is difficult for many people to accept the fact that a person can be born… [read more]

Eyes Wide Shut Term Paper

… ¶ … sexuality in Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut?

There are two highly distinct themes (which are largely intertwined) in Stanley Kubrick's final film, Eyes Wide Shut -- sexuality and enigma, both of which revolve, to varying degrees, about the… [read more]

Gender Roles in Everybody Loves Term Paper

… There has been a shift in the social order and men have become less macho and less likely to put across behaviors traditionally associated with masculinity.

Some are probable to say that the show takes a feminist approach at addressing gender roles. By portraying Debra as a strong woman who is perfectly capable to take control over her life and the lives of people close to her, Everybody Loves Raymond practically shows that men have become lazy and immature individuals who absolutely need someone to take charge over their lives. Ray is shown as a person who is very successful in his business affairs, but who losses all the abilities that make him that successful in the moment when he enters his house.

The fact that Ray fails to care for his children when he is provided with the chance to do so points toward the belief that men are not capable to look after children and that this is only a job for women. The second episode, "I Love You" presents the couple coming across a dilemma with regard to the feelings they invest into their marriage. Debra is concerned about how Ray no longer expresses the love he feels for her while Ray believes that this is not actually that important. This further contributes to showing men as being more concerned about the sexual and functional aspect of a relationship and women being interested in love and romance.

It is difficult to determine whether the show is meant to reinforce gender roles or if it is meant to promote the idea that gender roles are no longer a dominant concept in the contemporary society. While Ray and Debra are initially presented as being a perfectly normal couple, their position changes as the storyline progresses. Debra is shown as being more and more authoritarian and Ray as being less and less capable to take control over matters in his family. A series of other stereotypes intervene and confuse viewers with regard to the actual scope of the show. Ray's mother is dominant and this is likely to be a reason why Ray is as immature as he is, taking into account that the fact that a dominant female figure in his life influenced him to take on particular attitudes when he is in the presence of a woman. [read more]

Sexuality Treatment Reaction Paper

… Sexuality Treatment

The author of this response was asked to review two books regarding sexual function, dysfunction and treatment and answer to four specific questions. The first question asks the author to ask what topic surprises the most. The second question asks what question was the easiest to learn about. The third asks what topic made the author uncomfortable and the fourth asked for two specific points of learning that can be used and applied as a counselor by the author of this report.

Questions Answered

The topic that surprised the author the most was the chapter in the Long book that talked about goal setting and treatment planning. The author perhaps thinks that being so clinical and formal about that topic is perhaps being a little too involved and over-thorough because the topic at hand is not all that complicated. People certainly make it complicated but it's not usually that hard to boil things down and put the cards out on the table. To that end, a counselor would be useful but over-complicating the process is probably more trouble than it's worth a lot of the time.

The easiest chapter to go through was the third chapter in the Sexual Dysfunction book, which is in reference to sexual arousal disorders. The chapter is great because it doesn't stay in the terminology ether and uses the terms that are more common in today's society which aids in the feeling that there is not a huge disconnect between the clinicians that treat sexual arousal disorders and the patients. This disconnect perhaps explains a lot of why many people delay or avoid treatment for sexual arousal disorders altogether and this book's third chapter would aid in tamping down some of those concerns, even if the audience of this book would mostly be counselors and people that are in school for the field.

As for what made the author of this report uncomfortable, the author would point to chapter 7 of the Sexual Dysfunctions book, which relates to psychosocial approaches to treatments. The material itself is not the issue but there is a lot of different problems and approaches being thrown at the reader and there is certainly a lot to take in. It perhaps just will take some getting used to and things will ease as the author of this report becomes more involved and accustomed to the commonalities and trends that will avail themselves from patient to patient, but it is a little daunting at the moment.

Lessons Learned

As for what the author of this report learned, there are two major lessons learned (or that are currently being learned) that are particularly illuminating. First, it behooves a counselor that deals with sexual dysfunction and treatments to not be inhibited or… [read more]

Gender Reflection: On Identifying Essay

… For example, when men go out drinking, being able to consume large quantities of alcohol is considered manly, and someone who does not is looked down upon. Because I try to stay physically fit and love to play sports, the drinking and partying lifestyle is not compatible with my personal goals. But many of my male Russian friends do not understand this.

As a straight man, it was interesting for me to see the video "Dude, you're a fag," in which the author Dalton Conley noted that the epithet 'fag' was not about same-sex desire but about not being appropriately masculine. While this may be true in the United States (and based upon my experience in the U.S., I am inclined to agree with the author), in Russia, because of the influence of the Russian Orthodox Church and the overall culture of Russia, I do not think this is true -- there is a great deal of anger and very real homophobia in Russian society that is specifically directed against gay people.

Boxing is a very important part of my life. Within the boxing subculture, seeming to be masculine is a very important component of fighting. There is no doubt that the image of boxing conforms to a cultural stereotype of masculinity of men as violent, although there are women boxers now, too. There are definitely sides of myself that I might show in other facets of my life which I would never reveal in a boxing gym. It has been said that "masculine identities are forged in the sport of boxing through training regimes that are discursively regulated by narratives of courage, honour and heroism. & #8230;despite social changes allowing for increased gender fluidity there are still particular social institutions where gender identities appear to remain fixed and rigid, such as in the sport of boxing" (Fogel 2). Boxing is certainly not a politically correct sport: either you prove yourself in the ring through intensive training and a show of heart, or you fail. There is no disguising that the ultimate objective of boxing is to win by causing some sort of physical or psychic pain to your opponent. To some extent, this is what I like about boxing. I like testing and pushing myself to my limits. But boxing is not the only part of my existence which defines me, and I do see some fighters who are so embroiled in the culture of boxing that they forget other aspects of their existence that are less conventionally masculine.

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National Ideal." Josef Korbel School of International Studies. Mar 2011. [8 Apr 2013] [read more]

Effect of Gender Race and Religion on Same Sex Marriage Research Paper

… ¶ … Gender, Race, and Religion on Same Sex Marriage

Staver, M.D. (2004). Same-sex marriage: Putting every household at risk journal, Vol. 9,

Issue 2, Nashville, Tenn: Broadman & Holman.

According to this article, same sex marriage is one of… [read more]

Sexuality and Cinema Laura Mulvey Essay

… " Jame Gumb's erotic fixation on the girl does not lead to a desire to sleep with her, but a desire to inhabit her body. But this fits in with Mulvey's view of how the female body is constructed in a phallocentric model: obviously Jame Gumb's desire to playact the "identification process" with that desirable body comes in the notorious scene in which he conceals his phallus between his legs and performs (again crucially) for a video camera. That Jame Gumb is, to a certain degree, to be defined by his gaze is indicated not only by Lecter's hint, but by his physical presence in the final confrontation with Starling: he is wearing elaborate night-vision goggles, which indicate that his own capacity to see is identified with the technological construction of a nocturnal predator. The audience is invited to see through these goggles -- revealing the flailing and terrified Starling by plain sight, and also revealing that the desire to view this spectacle is, for Gumb, a stronger motivation than the desire to kill the FBI agent who has discovered him. It is Starling who kills Gumb, and we are then permitted to view him wearing the goggles, in a death agony which clearly makes him resemble one of the insects which have played a part in the murders, and -- in the earlier scene with the entomologists -- Starling's own uneasy path in navigating the various men in the film who find her desirable. In some sense, Demme's film addresses Mulvey's concerns about phallocentrism by making Starling and Gumb, to a certain degree, both outsiders in a culture of gender normativity. For Starling, this involves learning that her gender will be viewed and read by every male in the film -- Crawford uses her gender as a means of gaining the trust of the small-town cops when he excludes her, and she takes him to task; Crawford also uses her gender as bait for Lecter (revealed to her by Dr. Chilton, before he then proceeds to hit on her himself). Lecter asks if she worries that Crawford "visualizes scenarios…fucking" her. Even the dorky cross-eyed entomologists cannot resist the urge to flirt with her. In this world where femininity is viewed as intrinsically desirable, it seems like logic necessitates summoning up the shadowy other: the man who desires the woman not for fucking, but to occupy this privileged position which attracts the desiring gaze. The subjective social position occupied by Starling is, to a certain degree, the position that Jame Gumb wishes… [read more]

Gender Roles Essay

… ¶ … gender roles is one of the most important areas of human development. The process begins at birth with the sex of the child and how the child develops from that point forward will be influenced by his or… [read more]

Discourses Around Gender Research Paper

… ¶ … particular discourse focused around gender. There are various discourses surrounding gender and the paper will look at one that has been in existed working according to certain assumptions in relation to gender. It will analyze the significance of gender in relation to a particular way speakers construct their relationships and identities through talk. It is worthy to note that if there is no strategy in discourse, there would also be no expression of dominance or submissiveness in the conversation.

There are many competing discourses around gender but I will particularly look at competing discourse around gender in regard to safe sex. Campaign on safe sex are everywhere from our schools, hospitals and even the media is playing a critical role on the issue. With the advent of HIV, sexual health campaigns and sex education have been instilled in schools to advocate for safe sex especially among the youth. However I wish to argue in this paper, that the concept on safer sex using condoms is a guise because it is mainly male focused and may not extrapolate well to young women who are at a greater risk of contracting the disease and pregnancy too.

There have been rigid societal gender norm that show that the female is not supposed to make any decisions related to sex and that is why they are not in position to advocate for safe sex from their partners. They know they ought to, but on the other hand they leave the decision for men to make. This is especially so in the developing countries where men are considered as the overall decision makers and are the ones who make all the decisions including that of the reproductive health of their female partners.

The health promotions in fact are based on assumptions that there will be rational thinking during sexual encounters yet sometime this is obscured during sexual arousal culminated with desire and also the unequal power that exists between men and women engaging in sex. A woman may want to demand for safe sex but many factors work against her-they are not empowered enough to demand for safe sex. Women have traditionally been made to look at sex as something that men have control over and so all is left upon the men to decide.

The effect of this tension is that many people, men and especially women are hesitant about using safe methods as condoms. And what are the reasons behind this? There is the problem of negotiation, accessibility factor to condoms, and the fact that it is not 100% a sure way for safe sex. When it comes to sex, women are constructed to be submissive and guided while men take all the control and these are certain assumptions about masculinity… [read more]

Risk Taking Sexuality of Adolescent Term Paper

… Risk-Taking Sexuality of Adolescents


A study conducted among 15-16-year-olds pupils in secondary schools in South Wales in 1993 showed that peer pressure led them to engage in sex, more strongly on males than females (Mellanby et… [read more]

Psychology of Gender in Psychological Research Paper

… Today, the theory that is heavily touted as correct is the Interactional Model, which says that it is neither nature (biological control) nor nurture (social models and the environment) which are solely responsible for anything having to do with our… [read more]

Child Abuse and Sexuality Research Paper

… , 2001; Parsons et al., 2005).

CSA, when compared to other men who have not been a victim of this abuse, exhibit a few sexual behaviors which include: greater amount of sex partners, sexual promiscuity, compulsive sexual behavior and an… [read more]

Race Ethnicity Gender and Class Journal

… Race Class Gender

The intersection of race, class and gender determine social, political, and economic power. Our readings solidify my awareness of the multiple methods and modes of oppression. Each of these authors centers an argument on one or more… [read more]

Gender Has Consequences Both Profound and Trivial Term Paper

… Gender Consequences

Biological sex is the physical characteristics that define a human being's body, including physical attributes and chromosomes. While the majority of people have XX or XY chromosomes, the concepts of 'male' and 'female' do not fully encompass the diversity of the human condition. Many individuals possess the characteristics of both males and females, such as hermaphrodites. Individuals may also possess combinations of the X and Y chromosomes beyond those of the traditional XX or XY pattern.

Because our cultural concepts of human bodies do not fully encompass the physical diversity of the human condition, and because very different characteristics have been attached to sex organisms regarding 'maleness' and 'femaleness' in different societies, the concept of gender has been developed. Gender refers to the cultural constructions of human sexuality, for example the stereotype that women are more emotional than males, or that males are innately more aggressive. Definitions of gender change over time and vary between cultures. While biology may affect expressions and definitions of gender, gender is not a perfect mirror of biological diversity, given that some individual's sexuality is not clearly defined by maleness or femaleness, such as the indeterminate sex/gender status of the South African runner Caster Semenya.

It is important to distinguish between sex and gender because it is very easy to confuse the two, given that our maleness and femaleness is usually defined as the most salient and identity-defining characteristic about ourselves from a young age. It is tempting even today to assume that a sports figures are a 'he' when referring to someone as, for example, a baseball player. Looking for gender in terms of breasts, hair length, or clothing all refer to culturally-bound characteristics and someone from a different century (such as a male wearing a toga, for example) would not necessarily meet current Western norms of gender.

Question 2

Because maleness is supposed to be superior, and more desirable to obtain, society looks more favorably upon girls who act like boys, because… [read more]

Attitudes Toward Human Sexuality Term Paper

… Attitudes Toward Human Sexuality

Human sexuality is often mentioned today when there is a differentiation between humans and animals that comes in discussion. Many people are proud to say that the only creatures that engage in sexual activities for the… [read more]

Cross Dressing Gender Rolls Thesis

… Gender

Billy Wilder's 1959 film Some Like it Hot playfully explores gender, sexuality, and gender bending. Marilyn Monroe plays Sugar Cane, a stereotypically dumb-witted blonde with no real aspirations beyond finding a man to take care of her. Sugar Cane is the archetype of socialized femininity, as she is passive, soft, sweet, and submissive. Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon play Joe and Jerry, two musicians looking for work in tough times. As the only jobs available are in an all-female traveling band, Joe and Jerry become Josephine and Daphne, respectively. They both fall for the sexy Sugar Cane. Joe assumes yet a third identity as a millionaire named Junior. As Junior, Joe woos Candy while conforming to traditional gender roles. Switching between their multiple identities, Joe/Josephine and Jerry/Daphne at once substantiate and subvert gender roles and stereotypes. Therefore, Wilder's Some Like it Hot offers a lighthearted view of gender, but without significantly challenging gender stereotypes or social norms.

Marylin Monroe's character Sugar Cane is not appreciably different from Monroe's persona as an actor. The blonde bombshell talks with a cute, girlish voice. Her main desire in life is to meet a good man to marry. She continually downplays her own intelligence, once even referring to herself as "dumb." Sugar Cane does not lose her temper; she has a gentle temperament. Although she lives her life according to the proscribed gender roles, Sugar Cane is depicted as being independent. She has her own singing career, travels freely, and generally feels empowered to make decisions regarding her sexuality and choice of mate.

Josephine and Daphne are the other two major "female" characters in Some Like it Hot. The two transvestites assume the stereotypical role of female when they fulfill their Josephine and Daphne act. For instance, Josephine and Daphne have a different type of friendship than Joe and Jerry. When they are with Sugar, Josephine and Jerry offer relationship counseling and speak softly. When Joe and Jerry are just Joe and Jerry, they talk to each other differently and are willing to argue with one another. Their different attitudes and roles in their friendship illustrate the prevailing gender roles and norms of the 1950s.

When Joe and Jerry are cross-dressed, they walk like females, talk like females, and to a large degree act like females acted when Some Like it Hot was made. However, Josephine and Daphne are spunkier and stronger than Sugar Cane is; their gender allows for a certain degree of mutability in terms of personality. Josephine and Daphne also offer counterpoint to Sugar Cane's exceptional femininity.

Joe and Jerry play roles that in some ways fulfill the roles of typical men. For example, they pursue women, talk about golf and they take the upper hand in pursuing romantic interests. Their assertive personalities contrast sharply with Sugar's submissiveness. Joe and Jerry's masculinity is never seriously called into question… [read more]

Gender Differences and Their Explanations Essay

… Gender Differences and Their Explanations

The question of gender difference is one that has been the focus of much debate, confusion and conjecture in our modern societies. The issue of sexual and gender preferences and differences is possibly one of… [read more]

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