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Jake Barnes Is a Tragic Term Paper

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He struggles to determine what is right and wrong in this new world.

We see many worthy characteristics in Jake. Even with his wound that should have him more disheartened than the other characters, we see him having a depth that they do not. He is passionate, courageous, intelligent and honest. What he struggles to find is love and purpose.

The tragedy is that his lack of love and purpose it not his own doing. His lack of love stems from his war wound, which makes his love incapable of lasting. And his lack of purpose is really a product of the fractured society he is living in.

Jake is essentially a good character in a bad situation. His struggle is a product of both circumstance and society. With more problems than the other characters, we still see him find the courage to attempt to find meaning. The tragedy is that society has no meaning to offer him, and it is this combination of events and circumstances that causes him to be a tragic figure.… [read more]