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Science and Pseudoscience Article Review

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Science and Pseudoscience

Would you describe the claims made in this article on weight loss as having been based on scientific or pseudoscientific research? Explain your answer.

I would describe the claims made in the Sensa article as being made completely on pseudoscientific research. Research that is scientific in nature has a clear hypothesis that is testable and that can be proven to be either valid or invalid (Braithwaite & Jackson, 2006). Because that is the case, it is easy to see that the Sensa article does not offer scientific proof of the validity of its claims. One of the largest red flags is that the Sensa article provides the opinions of celebrities, which is a ploy often used by pseudoscientific articles to make people think something must be good because all the celebrities are using it. While celebrities are much more popular in the U.S. today than scientists, the ability of a celebrity to make a claim about the scientifically testable (but apparently untested) properties of a product must be called into question.

The article also claims to have reviews from respected publications (Weight, 2012). After making that claim, it goes on to cite Good Housekeeping, and InStyle - two publications that are decidedly not in the same vein as scientific journals. The largest and most obvious reason that this article is pseudoscientific, though, is the small print at the bottom, under the link to click to buy the product (another red flag). The print says "This article sponsored by Sensa" (Weight, 2012). No reputable scientific study would ever be sponsored by the product it was studying. No reputable journal or other publication would allow sponsorship of a scientific study, because that completely taints the conclusion reached by that study and calls into question everything from the hypothesis to the method.

Question 2: As a scientist, how would you design a research study to disprove or prove the hypothesis: Sensa causes weight loss without dieting.

In order…… [read more]

Global Media Essay

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Global Media Impact of the 2010 World Cup Soccer Tournament

The 2010 World Cup Soccer tournament drew hundreds of thousands of fans to South Africa, which opened the door to greater cultural understanding and cooperation between the nations that sent soccer teams to this African nation. But many more millions of people watched the games on television and on the Internet around the world. What was the impact of the games and the television broadcasts on cultures around the globe? This paper will focus on that issue, and present reports from news sources in various markets.

The 2010 World Cup Audience

"…Global media cultures represent a cultural otherness, at times a threat to cultural tradition and autonomy. On the other hand, global media cultures often contribute to a development of local cultures, bringing them into contact and on a par with the social reality of a globalized modernity. The media have increasingly become an independent institution for socialization and the development of cultural identity…" (Hjarvard, 2008, U. Of Copenhagen).

According to the governing body of international soccer, the FIFA, approximately 700 million people watched the World Cup Final on live television (or on streaming feeds through the Internet) (Roxborough, et al., 2010). If those numbers are accurate, then that final match beats the international audience for the opening ceremonies in 2008 for the Beijing Olympic Games -- an estimated 600 million people watched that event. The final between Spain and Holland of course drew huge television audiences in those respective countries; some 17 million Spaniards watched their team defeat the Dutch in that final. That 17 million figure represented 91% of the total television audience in Spain at that time. In Holland, about 8.5 million fans watched the final; that represented 91% of Dutch viewers, Roxborough explains.

Meantime, what impact did the 2010 World Cup's global media outreach have on diverse communities and cultures around the world? An article in The New York Times (Marcus, 2010) points to an international gathering of artists from around the world that were commissioned to come to South Africa to paint their original versions of what they saw. Five artists from each of the 32 nations competing in the World Cup created an "eclectic exhibition" for the world to see through television, Internet and print journalism coverage of the games and the artists, Marcus explains. For example, the five artists from North Korea created art that showed "strapping North Korean soccer players with earnest, determined expressions," much like the players themselves, Marcus explained. Someone from France or from Albania would not have known what North Korean athletes look like -- or even know the North Koreans were at the World Cup -- without the fact that media brought those images into their homes on television.

In Myanmar, a country that is noted for political repression, football (soccer) fans in the city of Yangon that were eager to see the World Cup were thrilled that "electricity became more regular," according to "Tan" writing in Global… [read more]

Communication Problems? Many Communications Are Present Case Study

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¶ … communication problems?

Many communications are present in this scenario. For example, Cathy is focused in on her work, but Joe is not. In fact, he is focused in on everything outside of the work setting, such as baseball and the weather. Furthermore, Cathy was not listening to anything Joe was telling her about the baseball game. When Cathy mentions to him that a report needs done as soon as possible, Joe becomes angry because he claims that no one told him. Not only that, but he also has to email her the necessary information for the report by the end of the day. Neither of these two individuals are focused in on the work enough to communicate so that everything is done in a timely manner. 2. What should Cathy do?

Cathy should do the following in order to take care of the situation. She either needs to delegate what tasks need done or demote Joe into a different position, so that he stays more focused on his work, instead of talking about irrelevant concepts that have nothing to do with work at all. These are her only options because of the fact that Joe is not doing his job properly, and he is making excuses to get out of it. Furthermore, Cathy has also stressed to him what needed done and he failed to do what is asked of him. 3. What do you think Joe will do?

As Joe stated, he will probably do a couple of paragraphs by winging it, instead of fully taking the time to complete the report, according to what Cathy told him to do. He would rather be at the baseball game, instead of at work. When Cathy tells him what do, he makes the excuse that he is not a typist, which is a poor attitude to have at work, and he should have kept this comment to himself; therefore, I really believe that he is still going to get the report done but it is…… [read more]

Statistics the Statistical Analysis Shows Research Paper

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¶ … Statistics

The statistical analysis shows that the strongest correlation is between salary and attendance. There are two fundamental links between salary and attendance: the star power of the players and the ability of the team to pay a higher payroll. Higher salaries are associated with greater star power, which can be expected to have a high correlation with attendance. In addition, teams with a higher attendance will earn more revenues, and therefore be able to afford a higher payroll. This high level of correlation does not imply a causal effect, since there is a two-way feedback loop created by the elements of attendance level and payroll.

There are minor correlations noted with wins and stadium age and attendance. Wins was expected to be a strong correlating factor, since the competitiveness of the team increases its attractiveness to fans. This is especially true towards the end of the season, when teams still in playoff contention can expect a boost in fan support during the pennant race. The age of the stadium was not expected to have a strong correlation, but it does. The surprising element is that it appears as though the older the stadium, the higher the level of fan support. While McEvoy (2002) hypothesized that stadium age should be inversely correlated with attendance, this was not borne out by our analysis. The analysis indicated that some of the strongest attendance came from the oldest stadiums, such as Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field and Angel Stadium. A more minor correlation, a negative one, was noted for ERA and attendance. This was speculated to be relevant because ERA is believed to be strongly correlated…… [read more]

Building a Network of Professional Contacts Admission Essay

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¶ … building a network of professional contacts. I have always been a communicative person, enjoying working in teams at school and meeting new people and this trait is one of my strongest business assets.

The strength of my network afforded me access to the most up-to-date market information, as well as insight via off market information on which deals were active. I found the "inside" information particularly useful at ABN AMRO and Morgan Stanley given part of my job was locating clients in the process of buying commercial property and assisting with financing their acquisitions. The insight my network provided me is one of the reasons I graded as Tier 1 out of 4 at Morgan Stanley, while at Unibail-Rodamco, it helped me to identify potential buyers for the assets my team was in charge of selling.

When I joined ABN AMRO I met real estate professionals and was invited by one to join a club,"Property Young and Fun." During a club dinner, I met my future boss at Morgan Stanley who "debauche" me. My network also enabled me to find a job easily when I left Morgan Stanley because of the credit crisis.

My supervisors have always praised my excellent interpersonal skills and strong network of contacts as my most salient job related strengths, as each enable me to source potential deal opportunities and generate business termed "exceptional" from a junior level employee.

One of my most significant personal achievements was the creation of a female rugby team and serving as both its president and captain. While watching a men's rugby match one day, I spoke with some of the women present and suggested starting an exclusively female rugby team. Some girls were initially reluctant however I managed…… [read more]

Letter From Naledi Essay

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The Madam was so mean about everything. She said that Mma could go home to take care of Dineo but she said that Mma was "inconveniencing" her and that if she didn't come back in a week Madam would fire Mma. Doesn't she care that we would have no money to live if that happened?

Why do we have to work so much harder than white people and for so little money compared to them? Why do we have to live so far away from Mma? Why is it alright for Mma to live in Parktown only to work for Madam but not otherwise? Why does Mma have to wash outside like an animal when she works and clean for Madam indoors all day long? Why can Mma use Madam's indoor water to clean Madam's things but not to wash her hands that she uses to wash Madam's things? Why are things this way instead of the right way? I don't understand the explanation that this is "just the way it is" without asking why? Are there any white people who aren't like this? Do they care about us? Or about what is right and what is wrong?

I decided that I don't want to become anybody's servant at all or to go to school to learn how to obey and do chores for white people. I want to become someone more important who does something good for our people; I want to become a doctor, not a servant. I want to do something that will help our people overcome these horrible injustices and unfairness in our country. Mma says it is not like this in other places but that this is just the way that it is here? Why is that? What about other people in other countries? Do they care about us at all? Why doesn't somebody do something to help us?

Can you help me to understand?

All my love, Naledi.… [read more]

Why I Am the Oakland Raiders Biggest Fan Term Paper

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Oakland Raider's Biggest Fan

Why I Am Oakland Raiders' Biggest Fan

I am fortunate to have discovered early in life what my passions are. My greatest passion of all is football, and not just any style, game or team, it is Oakland Raiders football. My blood runs Silver and Black. Intensity, passion and the attitude of winning no matter what, all driven by an extreme commitment to excellence is what makes being a Raider fan one of the very best experiences in my life. My greatest joy in life is seeing the Raiders take the field and take both offense and defense to a level of intensity, passion and pain for opponents that are not present in any other NFL team. The Oakland Raiders are always aggressive, always bringing the battle to their opponents, always on the offensive. I love how the Raiders show their commitment to excellence on every play and in the intensity and passion the players show in any game. To be a Raider fan is to embrace the intensity and willingness to excel no matter what the odds are and to continually and passionately have a commitment to excellence. The Oakland Raiders show time and again the ability to turn around players and coaches others have written off, and show how these individuals can lead the team to victory. It is a team that attracts the most non-conformists, both for players and coaches, and unites them all with the passion and intensity for excellence and winning. I am the Raider's biggest fan because the team takes the toughest, most difficult players and coaches to work with and through teamwork, takes their intensity and work ethic and puts it toward winning. The NFL's toughest players have or are playing for the Raiders, and…… [read more]

Fences by August Wilson Essay

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Fences by August Wilson

In order to understand Fences by August Wilson, it can be important to understand the history of baseball. The beauty of Wilson's work, though, is that you do not actually have to understand baseball to see the broader information that is contained in the play. You might not understand all of the jargon that Wilson uses, but the joy and pain of the book come through very clearly, whether baseball makes sense to you or not. Most people who read the play want to know more about baseball because they find the play to be very interesting and it makes them feel as though the game might become interesting as well. For those who do not feel this way about baseball, however, the work can still be enjoyed because of the very real characters and the way that the individuals interact with one another. It is reminiscent of the lives of many people today and in the past, and that means that a lot of people can relate to it on various different levels, whether they like baseball or not (Wilson, 1986).

Being able to relate to characters in a play or a book is something that keeps readers and watchers interested and coming back. If the characters are so far removed from real life, there would be no interest on the part of the audience and no realism that could be identified with. This is the curse of many plays, but not Fences. It gives a very unique perspective on the history of African-Americans and shows the richness that is part of everyday life. This is significant no matter what a person's race or ethnic background, and is also important regardless of whether these people are educated or not and what kinds of jobs and lives they actually lead. Everyone has a story to tell, and using that real-life type of story and the much-loved pastime of baseball help to make the work even more valuable and entertaining for most people who would come along and watch the play or read it.

If you have an understanding of baseball and its history, however, there is more to the story than would otherwise be seen. Baseball came about through stick and ball games that were played throughout history in all sorts of different countries (Block, 2006). Even though it is now the American national pastime, baseball did not truly originate in America. It likely came from Romania or another similar country. By the 1860s, baseball was being playing on a semi-professional level within the United States (Ward, 1994). Mexican-Americans have contributed a lot to the game as have other nationalities. In addition, there have been many reasons for people to get together and either watch baseball or play it, depending on their ages and skill levels and how much they enjoy outdoor activities (Block, 2006). The most important thing about baseball that most people notice is that it seems to bring individuals together quite well. Most… [read more]

Why MLB Baseball Player's Participating Is Important to Prevent Teenage Athletes Steroid Use Term Paper

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MLB Players

MLB baseball players participate to prevent teenage athletes' steroid use so that they can be better role models. This is because they know and understand that they are in the spotlight, which makes young people look up to them as if they know what is best. Along with being professional baseball players, they have experience in the use of taking steroids and what negative effects it can have on a body. With being in the spotlight, they want to take advantage of that privilege and inform teenagers of the negative effects of steroid use.

Effects of steroid use

Steroid use can caused anger and aggression among teenagers, which could lead to psychological issues. This is one aspect of steroid use that MLB players want to further prevent in teenagers.

Teens who use steroids are noted to be more irritable, more aggressive and even more violent. Some teens that use steroids actually report a heightened degree of awareness while they use the drugs, which can sometimes lead to steroid induced psychosis. To add to this there is a degree of psychological dependence that comes from the changes the steroids make to the teen male athlete's body and his performance. The athlete begins to feel that the steroid is the whole reason behind any improvement in ability or stamina, in better physical looks. Those teens that use steroids on a regular basis also report a significant increase in somatic complaints as well as depression, anxiety…… [read more]

Old Man and the Sea Term Paper

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¶ … Old Man and the Sea

Baseball & Fishing Provide the Net, but Hemingway has the Hook

For those who think Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea is a story about baseball, they are partly correct. And for those who think it is a fishing story, they are on the right track too. And still other readers who see this as a metaphor for growing old - juxtaposing youth (Manolin) and age (Santiago) - in Cuba or anywhere, they have something going for them too. But in this wonderful story about a Cuban fisherman who first goes without a fish for 84 days and then catches one that's too big to handle, baseball and fishing are just tools that Hemingway uses to capture the reader's emotions. Much like a fisherman has a net to assure that he will land the fish he has hooked, Hemingway's baseball and fishing allegories are like the net to bring the reader up to the boat of deeper understanding, once the reader's been hooked into reading the story in the first place.

When reading the story, a baseball fan who has been around for awhile - or who has studied the great teams and great players of the past - is immediately hooked into tale, because the novel begins and ends with baseball. Santiago's little apprentice, Manolin, has been told by his parents not to go out fishing with a man who has such bad luck, but he wants to go anyway; Santiago tells him "No. Go and play baseball" (p. 12). Moreover, readers learn that while Manolin's parents don't have much faith in Santiago, in fact Santiago doesn't have much faith in religion. On page 17, Santiago tells the boy to "have faith in the Yankees, my son." It seems that baseball has been Santiago's religion, perhaps filling in for God and Christianity; on page 103-04, when Santiago thrusts the harpoon into the shark, he says thinking "is all I have left. That and baseball."

With a little bit of research a reader learns that baseball is hugely popular in Cuba. Even Fidel Castro played professional baseball at one time. All little kids growing up play in the streets, or in back yards, or if they're lucky to be near a park, they play there. Hemingway understood the connections between baseball, Cuba, and the struggle to stay alive (old age) and…… [read more]

Best Man Speech Term Paper

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¶ … Man Speech

Well, I don't know, I thought that since I was the better looking one that I might get married first, but that's the way it goes, huh? Age before beauty, they always say! But seriously, Shawn used to whoop my ass at soccer! Chrissie, be careful. Once in a while I stole the ball from him and scored, but otherwise he completely humiliated me. Chrissie, feed him well, let him watch football as much as he wants, let him get nice and plump so I finally kick his butt!

Running around playing tag when we were young, I guess we were about even -- what he had in experience I made up for in youth. Three years difference seemed like a lot back then. I think the distance made us closer. We were -- and still are -- like best friends. We used to ride our bikes together everywhere, play pranks and get into trouble together. Shawn and I have always shared everything. Before each school year he'd tell me exactly what to expect from my teachers since he had them a few years before.…… [read more]

Gross Domestic Products Term Paper

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Gross Domestic Products

What does a nation's Gross Domestic Products have in common with the Olympics? The Gross Domestic Product (or GDP) is a measuring tool used not only to measure a nation's wealth but also to determine the number of Olympic medals won by that nation. The GDP is the amount of available resources that a nation can pour into training their gifted athletes. Just being a host nation, for the Olympics, usually increases the medals won, as well as the encouragement that comes from an athlete performing on home turf.

In the case study "Who Wins at the Olympics?" The measurement of success, which is the number of medals that come home, is a direct reflection of that nation's Gross Domestic Products. A large population increases the GDP except in poor nations such as India, Indonesia, China, and Bangladesh. Therefore, to measure the ability of a nation to produce a number of Olympic winners one need only look at its current Gross Domestic Product. Taking into consideration that even if a nation is economically poor or not, the actual GDP will dictate the number of Olympic medals to be won. Add to that whether the nation is the host country for the Olympics and if they have invested more of their resources into training their gifted athletes to help determine the number of medals…… [read more]

Negotiator: What Are the Roles Term Paper

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Active listening, or listening so one hears what is being said so one can repeat what has transpired clearly to another party, in terms that the other party can recognize is key. "The job of a good negotiator is to listen to and understand what others are saying. After all, you can't make an intelligent response to an opinion you do not understand." (Banker & Tradesman, 1994)

The discipline of active listening requires that the negotiator to focus on what the other person is saying so as to get a clearer picture of the other party's ideas. Also, the listener can get a better chance to reflect on the process and strategy, to step aside and taking a dispassionate view of the goings-on, and to again use the martial arts metaphor, to deflect potential attacks through anticipation rather than through slashing out in combative exchanges that are ultimately not productive.

Works Cited

Banker & Tradesman. (17 Jul 1994) Reprinted by 2003 by The Negotiation Skills Company, Inc. Retrieved 28…… [read more]

Campus Violence on K-12 Term Paper

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There are two ways in which such experimental research could be undertaken. It would be possible to use a quantitative approach. In such a case the experiment would be based on establishing control groups and test subjects, and manipulating their involvement in martial arts classes and projects, while results were monitored through statistical analysis of the rates of incidents which are reported to the school and according to scientifically administered tests which measure the degree of personal and social violence in which the student was involved. Alternatively, I could use a qualitative approach, in which individual case studies are analyzed. For example, offending students could be placed into a martial arts program, and their behavior monitored not only through statistical analysis of the outcome but also through dialogue with the individuals and their teachers. Entire classes could also be monitored on an individual level. The most significant difference between qualitative and quantitative experimental research would be differences in the focus on the individual experience of discovering the martial arts and the physical and philosophical lessons of the class, and the subsequent changes in patterns of behavior.

Both qualitative and quantitative approaches to the experiment would involve the manipulation of data and statistics in analyzing results, however a qualitative approach would focus not just on the numbers of the situation but more fully on the individual response of students and its relationship to the success of the program. Because this study does deal with behavior which is difficult to monitor outside the school environment, and also deals with in-school behavior issues which are individualized and often serious, it appears that a qualitative research may be preferable over a quantitative approach which ignores the human element. For this reason, I am planning on using a qualitative approach to this study.

Such an experimental approach will allow me to do qualitative research into the link between exposing students to martial arts training regiments and the levels of violence. Only a qualitative approach will suffice to truly explore this topic, merely because insufficient prior research has been done to support using a study based on correlation of previous work, and because a quantitative research approach might jeopardize students, interfere with the ability to interpret responses to dietary changes. These positive aspects justify the use of a qualitative approach.… [read more]

Campus Violence for K-12 Term Paper

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The rates of school violence and the severity of violent incidents would decrease if such a martial arts program were implemented.

5) Design an experimental or quasiexperimental research study in which you can empirically test your hypothesis. In other words, compare an experimental group to a control group. Because randomization is not possible, choose a control group that is similar to the experimental group prior to your intervention.

The data that would be collected over the study of the course of the implemented program would then be compared with past rates of school violence in the same school from previous years before said program existed. Additionally, the statistics would be compared to other schools in the same district from past years as well as the years during which the chosen school implemented the martial arts therapy program. This would provide a wide range of comparisons from which to draw conclusions.

6) what new knowledge do you think your study will add to the extant literature?

This study would offer a unique possible solution to many of the problems experienced within the elementary school environment regarding campus violence. Martial arts is commonly mistaken for a violence-encouraging activity, however it is actually one that teaches self-control and builds self-confidence. It would be beneficial for researchers to see the results of such a non-traditional approach so that other non-traditional methods may be attempted and more potential solutions to the…… [read more]

Jet Li-Psychological Personality Analysis Term Paper

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His ability to impress and astound people with his martial arts skills made him an excellent martial artist, and people, especially his fellow citizens, dubbed him as a 'prodigy' in martial arts. Li refuted this label, since he wants to be recognized not because of his fame as a martial artist, but he wants to be given credit for the work, strenuous practice, and dedication that Li had given to his craft, the martial arts. Thus, when he was growing up from 11 to 16 years of age, Li continued practicing and his honing his craft.

Becoming a professional martial artist through the entertainment industry, Li began entering the movie industry to illustrate his martial arts skills when he was already 19 years old. His new profession as a martial arts fighter in movies continued, but with average success only. Li only successfully made it into the movie industry when he starred in "Once Upon a Time in China" (1991), earning him the title as the new Bruce Lee of Hongkong films. Li's fame and popularity in Hongkong earned him a role as a Triad leader and villain in the "Lethal Weapon" series, which propelled him to international success, marking him as one of the greatest and most popular Asian actors alongside Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. As years passed, Li finally considered his being a martial artist in movies as a profession, especially now that he already has a family to raise. Other blockbusters that Li had starred in recently (2000-2002) are the hits, "The One" and "The Hero."

Li's extraordinary success in the martial arts and movie industry (as an actor) is a product of the motivation and dedication inculcated in him while he was a child. Although he grew up without a father, Li had managed to discipline himself with the help of Wu Bin, his trainer and guardian. Li's development as a martial artist ad eventual progress as a martial artist and actor can be best explained through Erik Erikson's socioemotional theory of development, which recognizes socioemotional feelings, thoughts, and interaction as vital to the development of an individual especially during the early childhood stage.

Erik Erikson's Socioemotional Theory of development posits that people grow and develop "socialized by and socialize others -- parents, siblings, peers, teachers... processes that involve changes in an individual's relationships with other people, changes in emotion, and changes in personality" (Santrock, 2001:338). Erikson identified different dichotomies that specifically delineate positive and negative aspects of socioemotional developments among individuals.

Li's development from being a child martial artist to an international movie artist reflects Erikson's Phase 4 of human development, where Industry plays a vital role in developing an individual's self-identity (phase 5). Through Industry and establishment of Self-Identity, an individual "relies much on the social aspect and he incorporates into play activity real-life situations," where in s/he gradually develops habits that will be influential in the individual's life and assumed roles in the future (Maier, 1969:55).

Establishment of the self-identity, meanwhile, is… [read more]

Fences (Wilson, 1986) August Term Paper

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Rose, the true stabilizing influence in his life, dissolves their emotional togetherness when Troy has a child with another woman out of wedlock.

Throughout the play, Troy either builds fences -- real and imagined or is not afforded a better life because of fences. The fence of racism is what destroys a promising baseball career. Troy builds a fence around his house to "keep away death." The racial victimization can be surmised from Troy's characterization of death (wearing a white hood -- supremacist) or the devil (a big white man in nice clothes). Troy suffered due to an emotional fence built by his father. He builds one with his sons -- potentially destroying their futures. One can relate to his sobriety and responsibility (drinking only once a week and giving most of his paycheck to his wife), but his self-destructive side takes over: he has an affair and Rose creates an insurmountable fence -- depriving Troy of emotional and physical companionship.

If one were to characterize Troy: he straddled the fence in himself, and in an effort to find himself, occasionally fell on one side or the other.


Wilson, August. Fences.…… [read more]

Rounded the Corner Term Paper

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I had thought the man was far younger than he now appeared. Deep wrinkles crossed his kind, weathered face, and his eyes were a warm, deep brown, like the color of a mud puddle after a spring rain. I had anticipated a smell as I passed, one of despair and suffering, and age, and filth, but instead, a light, familiar smell surrounded me.

What had stopped me, however, was that I had found the answer to at least one question. The area around the man's eyes were clean because he was crying. I could see the tell tale red eyes of tears, could see the dampness coursing over his drawn face. He smiled slightly, apologetically, and I noted his broken, jagged teeth. I felt a small smile touch my own lips.

His hand went to the inside of his coat, and I stepped back with a yelp, startled. My eyes, wide with fear, started helplessly as his hand withdrew a small item from within his old, worn clothing. I waited, breathlessly.

His face, first confused, cleared to a dawning realization of my thoughts, and his eyes dropping again to the sidewalk. He began to cry harder, the tears now visible in the dim light. His shoulders shook slightly and he coughed, the sound a painful wrenching sound from deep within his lungs. "I'm sorry" he mumbled softly. My face burned with shame, my own tears rising up. He had pulled a small kitten from within the warmth of his coat.

Hesitating only a moment, I dropped down to his level, my face even with his. I reached out one gloved hand, and pet the small orange kitten, who purred contentedly against his owners body. "No sir, I'm the one who's sorry," I replied. "I didn't mean to react the way I did."

His brown eyes looked into mine, and he smiled the most radiant smile I have ever seen. His broken teeth were yellowed with smoke and age, but for just a moment, his youth came shining through, full of pure innocence and joy. His slightly covered hand continued to pet the kitten, his eyes never leaving mine. "He's soft, ain't he?" he commented gently. "His name is Jason."

I nodded slowly, my own tears of shame welling up. Taking off my own black gloves, I handed them to him. "Here," I said, voice cracking. "He'll get cold if you pet him with cold hands, and we don't want him cold, do we?" I smiled.

His eyes lit up, but his smile faltered. "I can't take them, those are yours…you'll get cold, and we don't want you cold either" he chided softly. Shaking my head, I again handed the gloves to the old man. "Please, sir, take them, I have more."

He nodded slightly, and took the gloves. I stayed, long enough to watch him put them on. He made sure he continued to pet the kitten gently, and always with the gloved hand. "Don't want you cold, Jason" I… [read more]