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Comparison Study of the 2010 BMW 335i Versus 2010 Audi A5 Quattro Essay

… BMW v Audi

Deciding on a car is a major consumer purchasing decision and one that must be made with care and deliberation. This is especially true in the luxury sector of the automobile market, because of the expenditures at… [read more]

Leasing Aircraft the Emergence Research Paper

… This tailoring can help the airline to maximize revenue so without it the aircraft could be less profitable overall.

Lease rates are not fixed costs, either. The aircraft leasing industry has gained in popularity in recent years in part because… [read more]

Apples and Oranges Sometimes the Earth Stands Essay

… Apples and Oranges

Sometimes the Earth stands still.

And then it begins to fall.

Time can wind and unwind itself around the psyche until one feels both that one is at the still point of the turning world and also… [read more]

Market Segmentation Analysis the Automobile Essay

… 800 Omni

Alto Zen Wagon R

Esteem Baleno Altura

Hyundai Motor India Ltd.




Hindustan Motors Ltd.

Ambassador Contessa Mitsubishi Lancer


Fiat India Automobile Ltd.


Siena Adventure

General Motors India Ltd.

Opel Corsa Sail

Opel Corsa

Chevrolet Optra

Opel Vectra

Honda Siel India Ltd.



Ford India Ltd.



Tata Motors




DaimlerChrysler India Ltd.

Mercedes-Benz C. Class

Mercedes Benz E. Class


-Benz S. class



Toyota Kirlosker




Indian automobile Industry has grown significantly since the turn of the last century. It stands at a comfortable and enviable position in the world market and has been number 2 in two-wheelers and number 4 in commercial vehicles. With the industry growing at 18% per year and producing 2 million units annually, the Indian automobile segments especially the two wheeler and economy car segment is all set for frantic growth.

The segmentation above shows that India is now producing cars in most segments with highest production being in the economy and commercial sector. The industry statistics reveal that it is not only number 2 in two wheelers and 4 in commercial but also 11 largest industries in the passenger car market and fifth largest in bus and truck production. It is all geared by to become the 7th largest automobile market by 2016 and within next 20 years, it is likely to overtake all other large markets to become number 3 in the world. The structure of the industry is such that there is marked concentration in certain cities within 4 different regions. For example the highest number of manufacturers in the south is concentrated in Chennai and Bangalore, in the west, they are found in Pune, New Delhi and surrounding areas in the north and in the east, they are concentrated in Jamshedpur and Kolkata.


India Automotive Industry Compiled by: SBH India…… [read more]

Apologize Profoundly for Handing Term Paper

… ¶ … apologize profoundly for handing this in so late. I erred with the time. If there is any way that I can improve this please tell me. I am ready to redo if you wish me too,



This Agreement is made and entered in this __ day of ____, _ (time) at (location

Between? ____ of ____ hereafter called 'Owner', and ____, of ____, hereafter called 'Renter'.


The vehicle that the Owner hereby agrees to rent is: (make; year of model)

Registered mileage at beginning of rental period:

The Owner maintains that, to the best of his knowledge, the vehicle in question is in safe and optimum working condition and free of faults or defects that would affects its safety and operation under normal usage.


The Owner has agreed to rent aforesaid vehicle for the duration of ____(day / month) to ____ (day/month), during which time the following conditions are met:

1. Renter agrees that the aforementioned vehicle should be used for personal purposes only.

2. Passengers using vehicle occupy only the interior of the vehicle during their journey.

3. Passengers occupying vehicle do not exceed * amount during any one specific time.

4. Vehicle is not used for purposes of pushing, towing, or propelling another vehicle or object without prior written agreement of Owner.

5. Vehicle is not used for…… [read more]

Air Asia Has so Far Been Able Essay

… Air Asia has so far been able to carve out a successful niche for itself by offering the lowest fares to a number of destinations that are very popular for the business traveler. These travelers are willing to accept a certain level of very basic service in exchange for efficiency and low fares. They do not expect gourmet food or free pillows and blankets. They do expect on-time departures and arrivals and guaranteed low fares. While the company is eager to meet these expectations, there are a number of factors beyond the control of the company that affect its ability to maintain these two conditions. This paper explores some of those.

The primary condition that the company does not have control over is fuel prices. The recent political and social unrest in North Africa and the Middle East have substantially destabilized fuel costs, a sector that already has a relatively high level of ongoing instability. For example the effect of recent political and social unrest in North Africa and the Middle East has greatly increased fuel costs, prompting a number of carriers, including American Airlines, United Continental, and Delta to consider various new fees along with fare hikes. (Davies, 2011)

However, while all airline companies are being affected by the current rise in fuel costs (as well as other recent spikes in fuel costs), low cost airlines have much less latitude to make up for rising fuel costs than do more mainstream companies. Non-low-cost airlines are not raising their fares per se, but are asking passengers to pay for a number of services that were previously provided free. Given that low cost airlines like AirAsia are already charging for all such services, the company has no wiggle room in this area and will have to compensate for rises in fuel costs in other ways (Gross & Schroeder, 2007, p. 37).

The primary ways in which the company can compensate for rising fuel costs are to increase fares, to accept a lower profitability rate, or to…… [read more]

Stanford Prison Experiment Essay

… ¶ … authority or power translate into hostile behavior? We have all experienced the security line at the airport. We've all seen young people, old people, men, women and even children being talked to disrespectfully, even downright rudely, by security guards who are there to do a job that has to do with ensuring the safety of passengers. Yet, it seems -- and it is certainly a cliche -- that when you give people a little power, they will take it and run. While police officers and other law enforcement officials do have given power, we are constantly hearing on the news about law enforcement officials abusing their power. Why is this? Why does giving people power sometimes translate into hostile/abusive/violent behavior? This paper will design a study to observe everyday people with some degree of power or authority and look at if this power translates into the exhibition of more hostile behavior than those who are in non-power or non-authoritative positions.

Study Design

This study will employ descriptive research methods, specifically naturalistic observation. Naturalistic observation methods are when researchers "systematically measure and record the observable behavior of participants as it occurs in the real world, without interfering in any way" (Huffman 2007). For this study, three different locations will be the scene of the experiment where the researchers will watch real situations where there are people with power interacting with people who have less power. The first area will be the security gate at an airport; the second area will be the security check at a courthouse; and the third will be a Department of Motor Vehicles where there are security people who assist in getting people into the correct lines for whatever their needs of…… [read more]

Redefining Japanese Popular Culture Essay

… Japanese Culture

Coursetitle Coursenumber

The Shinkansen: Japan's Bullet Train

The Shinkansen, or "bullet train," started as one line in 1960s Japan but has since expanded to several lines running the length of Honshu, Japan's main island, as well as part of Kyushu, the third largest island located to the southwest. The bullet train connects Tokyo with other major cities. The cost is comparable to air travel within Japan but more convenient for many travelers. The Shinkansen is fast, safe and comfortable. The trains are famous for their punctuality and most trains depart on time to the second. The cars are spacious and quiet. The trains run at speeds averaging three hundred miles per hour and yet have an excellent safety record, with no fatal accidents in the trains' history (, 2011). The Shinkansen represents the development of Japanese technology with an emphasis on quality service, for which the Japanese are well-known.

The 1964 debut of the bullet train, which linked Tokyo with Nagoya, Kyoto, and Osaka, represented, along with the Tokyo Olympics, Japan's recovery from World War II (Siebert 112). Japan was devastated by the war, both physically and culturally, and it became important to establish itself as a major force in the global economy. Centuries-old traditions had to come after twentieth-century innovations. In his book about the history of the bullet train, author Christopher Hood asserts that the train was built at the behest of powerful politicians (Siebert 113). The train has become an important cultural symbol for Japan as well as an economic boon.

Within Japan, travel has changed. The Shinkansen connects Japanese and foreigners throughout the island nation, enabling them to more readily conduct business and avail themselves of consumer-related activities including shopping and tourism. Japan also wants to begin exporting its expertise…… [read more]

Banning Cell Phones and Driving Essay

… Cohen, J.T. And J. Graham (2003). "A Revised Economic Analysis of Restrictions

on the Use of Cell Phones While Driving." Risk Analysis 23(1): 5-17.

This review and analysis was published in the peer-reviewed professional journal Risk Analysis in connection with the issue of legislative restrictions on cell phone use by drivers. It was intended to review two major prior studies about the relative risks, costs, and benefits of cell phone use by drivers. One prior study had determined that the aggregate costs to society of the harms attributable to cell phone use by drivers amounted to approximately $25 billion annually. A subsequent study determined that the net cost after considering all of the benefits of cell phone use to society (such as business productivity) was approximately zero. This review analyzed the different methodologies relied upon in those two earlier studies and concluded that the types of harms are more important than the raw economic data. Most importantly, the economic and other harms associated with cell phone use by drivers are borne by parties who…… [read more]

General Motors Organizational Changes Term Paper

… General Motors

Organizational change

Changes at General Motors: The New GM

Changes at General Motors: The New GM

'as GM goes, so goes the nation.' This famous statement by the president of General Motors in 1953 has become an iconic… [read more]

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