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Analyzing FedEx Express Marketing Research Paper

Research Paper  |  3 pages (998 words)
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FedEx Express Marketing

FedEx has been quite successful and had extraordinary performances in its market of operation. One of the elements that make this possible is its exceptional marketing strategy. The purpose of this paper is to undertake a marketing analysis of FedEx's business model. This paper will take into account the 4P marketing strategies, which make up the marketing mix. The marketing mix is a business research approach that is used in marketing products or services rendered by a company. This particular approach is quite significant as it assists in determining the distinctive selling point of a commodity or product. The marketing mix approach is made up of four different components or strategies, which include product, promotion, price and place strategies (Lamb et al., 2012).

In general terms, FedEx Corporation undertakes its business operations in the shipping and delivery market. Despite the fact that the company started its business operations stringently in the domestic express delivery services market, in the course of time, the company has expanded its business operations into ground, freight and also less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping not only nationally, but also globally (Amsler et al., 2010). The following sections will outline the company's marketing strategy, particularly the manner in which it applies the 4 P's of marketing.


Product strategies play a vital role in the marketing of a company. This is because it is the product package being offered by the company that shows how different or how better suited it is for the consumers in contrast with the other packages offered by other rival companies. In particular, FedEx faces intense competition in the market from United Parcel Services (UPS) and DHL Corporation. FedEx is well-known for offering a diverse range of products to the consumers. These include express mail, post delivery, freight forwarding and third-party logistics. It is through this diversity in its product offerings that FedEx is able to have a competitive advantage over its rivals in the market (FedEx, 2014).


Pricing is considered to be one of the vital strategies in the marketing mix. This is because amongst the four, it is the only component variable that generates revenue to the company. This can decide whether a business declines or subsists ultimately. One of the strategies employed by FedEx is price segmentation. Rather than competing with UPS in terms of price and having price wars, the company made the decision to offer two distinctive services, which are standard and premium. In particular, the premium service would make service delivery by 10 am the following day, while the standard would make delivery by 3 pm the following day. In this manner, FedEx was able to strongly compete with UPS in two different areas, in that, it was able to offer faster service at a price that was higher and also offer relative services at a price that is competitive. As a result, the company is able to sustain higher margins from the price sensitive consumer segments and at the same time, offer…… [read more]

Success of Facebook in China Research Paper

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Marketing Audit and Competitive Market Analysis About Facebook In China

Facebook is the biggest international online social network, concentrating on features that assist customers in enhancing their offline connections (Lee, 2014). It differentiates itself from other social networking sites by giving its members comprehensive controls over who could view different pieces of their information. Facebook integrates photo sharing, blogging, and… [read more]

Marketing Project Reflection Journal Entry Journal

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Gathering ideas initially, organizing our thoughts on the topic, constructing a road map, and developing vision for the project all helped us to stay on schedule and work efficiently. Throughout the project as it evolved, we also had visual aids to guide us. I found it interesting how some members of the group responded well to, and even required, the visual aids. Other members were more abstract thinkers and did better verbally. It took us a long time to recognize that each person has a different way of approaching long-term projects. I need to be more patient, listen better to what others say, validate others' ideas more honestly, and acknowledge that there are different ways of looking at each topic, issue, and problem. Some people like to dive right into something without a plan, and others prefer to have a clear idea of the direction for each step of the way. I feel that we all would have benefitted from working with people who we knew better, but in the real world, we will be working with groups of strangers and this is why we all benefitted tremendously from the interpersonal challenges.

At the time, I thought we all did our best but in retrospect, I believe that we needed to motivate each other more on an individual basis. Instead of giving up on trying to make things work when things became challenging, we needed to have the courage and willingness to push through those difficulties. For example, I stopped staying up late working on the PowerPoint projects when I realized that some of the other team members did not seem to appreciate the work, and now I see that it would have been better for me and for our team if I did not worry so much about the pace at which others worked.

It was challenging when we split the group to work on two different modules, one creative and one financial. We were working on the same project but in two totally different ways and we needed to find better ways of sharing our ideas and recalling that we had common goals and visions. Basically, the initial sense of teamwork and vision faded because we did not have regular meetings to share our thoughts on how our project was evolving. Next time, I would like to have more regular meetings to remind each other that we have shared visions and goals. We concentrated on something that we all cared about, which is marketing to the luxury sector. This did help us develop a common vision for the brand, and develop a set of products and services to meet consumer needs.

The exercises, modules, and tools we used proved invaluable. I really got to know more about what the luxury sector entails and its connection with heritage and status. Brand visioning exercises helped us come up with the three core emotional qualities to be associated with our brand, which would keep our entire marketing campaign on point and… [read more]

Legal and Ethical Business Research Paper

Research Paper  |  2 pages (804 words)
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Legal or ethical?

Options for Type of Business

Legal or ethical Responsibility for Trisha's Fence Repairs

Options for Type of Business

Given the situation that has been explained in case, there are two options before X-Flies. There are options of going for a sole proprietorship form of business or enter into a partnership form of business.

As is evident from the case, there is not enough money -- about half of the amount estimated for a year, with the proprietor to start the business. Therefore, it is obvious that some form of capital has to be arranged from somewhere. This can either be in the form of a loan or from equity that would come along when the ownership is shared s in partnerships.

Given the fact that there is not enough capital and the business would require borrowed capital from somewhere, it is evident the sole proprietorship or single owning is not the right option for the business right now. The rights, ownership and control of the business have to be compromised to a certain degree right now to be able to begin the business. However, there are a number of options that can be used to reduce the sharing and handing over of partial control of the new company to someone who provides of additional capital either as a loan or as equity infusion.

Partnerships are more like proprietorships where the law sees a single entity -- the business and does not distinguish between the owners of the business. the partners always bound by a legal agreement that details how decisions would be made, sharing of profits, resolving of disputes, addition or deletion of partners, etc. among other things.

X-Flies has the option to go in for a general partnership with the person who agrees to take up equity in the business and would have an equal control over the business. The other option is to get into a Limited Partnership with limited liability where the liability of the company and the other partners is limited to the extent of their investment and immune from any additional liability of the other partner/s. partners in this form also have limited input related to management decision and is suited for short-term projects and investments in capital assets. Another option is to opt for a joint venture where the partnership would be for a limited period of time (Gibbs & Humphries, 2009).

In…… [read more]

Caninantics Comprehensive Marketing Plan Marketing Plan

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Caninantics Comprehensive Marketing Plan

Marketing Metrics Overview

There are five categories of essential marketing metrics that most companies -- particularly retail ones -- will want to consider for their marketing plans. Metrics are "quantifiable outcomes" (Tescasiu, 2015, p. 125) for results of marketing plans. The five categories include sales metrics, customer readiness to buy metrics, customer metrics, distribution metrics, and communication metrics. Each of these metrics pertains to important categories that organizations will need to monitor in order to successfully market their products. Sales metrics are necessary to determine the efficacy of marketing plans -- specifically, how well they affect the sales process.

There are two different customer metrics largely because customers are the life of any successful business. Readiness to buy is vital to monitor because it illustrates what stage in the buying process customers are based on their marketing efficacy; meanwhile, the customer metrics are designed to gauge other assets of customer behavior that can greatly influence the purchase of a product. Distribution metrics require monitoring because they are indicative of how readily available a product is to one's consumer base. Finally, it is important to evaluate communication metrics to determine how well a company's marketing is actually getting across to customers and to the general population as a whole.

Application to Fictional Company

The sales stratification metric that Caninantics will pay the most attention to is sales from new products. This metric has particular relevance for this company, which is itself a new company. Therefore, all of its initial sales that pertain to its new dog food dispensing product are included in this category. Typically, this metric is used to determine the effectiveness of new products as they compare against more traditional or established products for a company, and to provide a means of "optimizing" (Milichovsky and Simberova, 2015, p. 211) them. However, since all of the products for this startup are encompassed in this category, it is vital to assess how the company's products are doing in general. The initial sales of the aforementioned product will be calculated in a multiplicity of ways. These include number of products sold, the amount of money generated from them, as well as information pertaining to the revenue of these products. This metric will be utilized in this company to ascertain initial public reaction to the overall marketing plan.

The most valuable customer readiness to buy market to keep track of is customer awareness. Again, this reality is largely predicated on the fact that the product is a brand new one from a start up company. Therefore, gaining awareness of this product, and of its parent company, is an imperative. Moreover, it would be foolish to take for granted any aspect of customer awareness, especially since the public has not had any considerable length of time to get acclimated with it. In general, this metric is designed to understand how much the general public is even aware that they have a purchase choice in the form of the particular…… [read more]

Analyzing the Marketing Plan Marketing Metrics Research Paper

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Marketing Plan: Marketing Metrics

Athletics Supreme Company is a firm with great experience for a decade in sports apparel and in the sportswear industry. Through careful selection of products, attention to customer needs and reasonable prices, the company is seeking to diversify its product base and grow to become the leading sports apparel entity in the U.S. The main purpose of this paper is to delineate a marketing analysis of the company through different marketing metrics. In definition, marketing metrics provide a measure for the performance levels of a company. There are different marketing metrics that can be utilized by a company to measure the level of performance.

Sales Metrics

Sales metrics are a set of distinct in addition to company ratios and performance indicators. They encompass how successful an organization is with respect to promotional activities, retail sales and sales practices. These metrics are used to attain a proper understanding as to how efficacious the sales and marketing activities are, in addition to whether there is efficiency in the firm's sales practices and patterns. In its objective, Athletics Supreme Company will be entering a new market. Therefore, the recommended marketing metric is direct sales of the products. The company will be able to assess the growth of sales generated between the start of the business operation and the end of the first year. This can be calculated using the following formula:

Sales growth = (Sales generated in T+1 -- Sales generated in T) / Sales generated in T x 100

In particular, the measurable objective of this sale metric will be accounted for in percentages. For instance, Athletics Supreme Company projects a 10% growth in its sales (Martin, 2013).

Customer Metrics

Customer metrics can be delineated as the measurements used by a firm in assessing the customer. This takes into account elements, for instance, the retaining and loyalty of its consumer base. In the present day, companies can use several customer metrics. In particular, Athletics Supreme Company will take advantage of customer satisfaction as a customer metric. This customer metric will be measured in different ways. One of the key ways to measure customer satisfaction will be the evaluation and analysis of different customer reviews and recommendations handed to the company. A second approach is assessing the number of referrals given by current customers to prospective consumers. The third customer metrics that Athletics Supreme will use is after-sales surveys. In this sense, the customers are able to give ratings of the products and services provided by the company. For example, the evaluations can be rated from very poor to poor, poor to average, poor to good and poor to excellent. This will give insight to the company on the extent to which the consumers are satisfied with their offerings (Lamb et al., 2012).

Customer Readiness to…… [read more]

Analyzing Marketing Plan Marketing Strategy Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan  |  4 pages (1,299 words)
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Marketing Plan Marketing Strategy

Caninantics is a start-up company that has created a new dog food dispensing product that will open canned dog food, dump the food into the dog bowl, and dispense the can. The company wants to start marketing this product and subsequently branch into other canine accessories by the end of this year. The purpose of this paper is to undertake a marketing analysis of Caninantics' business model. This paper will take into account the 4P marketing strategies that make up the marketing mix. The marketing mix is a business research approach that is used in marketing products or services rendered by a company. This particular approach is quite significant as it assists in determining the distinctive selling point of a commodity or product. The marketing mix approach is made up of four different components or strategies, which include product, promotion, price and place strategies (Ferrell and Hartline, 2014).

Product Strategies

Product strategies play a significant role as product offering gives a fundamental reason as to why the consumers ought to select the company compared to rival companies. These encompass the consumer preferences from the product offering and the needs it satisfies. Caninantics is set to unveil a new product offering and therefore one of the strategies to use is product positioning. This will take into account the way in which the consumers will perceive the product offering in relation to its key features, in comparison to rivaling products. A distinctive advantage that Caninantics is set to have lies in the uniqueness of its product as it will not only be able to open the food and dump it into the bowl, but also do dispensation. Therefore, the product offering will be positioned as being unique and cheap (Kotler and Keller, 2012).

Pricing Strategies

Pricing strategies play a pivotal role in the marketing mix, taking into account that ultimately this accounts for the revenue generated by the firm. Therefore, in the end, pricing can influence a business' success or sinking. More so, pricing is not a sole idea but rather a manifold one with various implications for the manufacturer, the intermediate, and the end-user consumer. Caninantics will utilize different pricing strategies. The value of the dispenser will be average to high price. To start with, unveiling a new product in the market, there is an urgent and significant need for appealing to consumers and become acknowledged in the industry at large. Therefore, one of the strategies to be utilized by Caninantics is competition pricing. Chiefly, the company will offer prices that are more economical compared to the rival companies in the market. Bearing in mind that the product offering has distinctive features, this will make the company become largely competitive. More so, this will serve as an appeal to lure more consumers. However, the company will be keen on ensuring that its product is not priced extremely low. This is because consumers tend to relate such prices to products of low quality (Boone and Kurtz, 2015).

Another… [read more]

Analyzing Marketing Plan Situational Analysis Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan Situational Analysis

It is without doubt that a dog is a man's best friend. In the contemporary, a growing number of people are going to extreme lengths to ensure they get their pets the best equipment accessible. This is what Caninantics aims to take full advantage of. Caninantics is a start-up company that has created a new dog food dispensing product that will open canned dog food, dump the food into the dog bowl, and dispense the can. The company wants to start marketing this product and subsequently branch into other canine accessories by the end of this year. The purpose of this paper is to undertake a situational analysis of its business model. This paper will encompass the SWOT analysis of the business model, the competitive analysis of the business environments and lastly a segmentation and target market analysis.

Segmentation & Target Market Analysis

The market for a new dog food dispensing product can be segmented demographically, geographically, behaviorally, and psychographically.

1. Demographic Market Segmentation -- Life Cycle

Market segmentation that is demographic splits the market into segments and groups on the basis of different variables such as the size of family, gender, life cycle and also age. With regard to Caninantics, the market can be segmented demographically by life cycle. As is known, dogs are kept as pets by people of all cycles in life. The population in the target market is split into well-defined stages, which include bachelor stage, newly married couples, Full Nest and empty Nest. The business will have the prospect of selecting which stage is suitable for the product offering (Kotler and Keller, 2012).

2. Psychographic Market Segmentation -- Lifestyle

Segmentation of the target market by lifestyle is basically known as psychographic segmentation. This kind of segmentation offers an improved extent of distinction in comparison to life cycle. This implies dividing the population on the basis of their preferred amenities, their extent of independence and their preferred standard of living. For instance, individuals in high social classes will have a preference for dispensers compared to those in low social classes (Pride and Ferrell, 2016).

3. Behavioral Market Segmentation

This sort of segmentation of the population splits the market into different groups or segments on the basis of their uses, their reactions to the products and services offered, centered on their attitudes as well as their knowledge. In this analysis, Caninantics could divide the market on the basis of the benefits being sought after by the consumers on the services provided and also their frequency of usage. For instance, the market could be split into the consumers with several dogs, which necessitated more feeding intervals and therefore greater need for a dog food dispenser (Pride and Ferrell, 2016).

4. Geographic Market Segmentation

Caninantics will have to ensure that its business model segments the target population geographically by those near the entity and also making comparisons of…… [read more]