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(Updated on May 30, 2021)

An abortion research paper is a piece of academic writing that requires a critical level of inquiry into the subject of terminating pregnancy.  Writing a thorough paper involves finding sources produced by experts on this controversial topic.  By carefully examining literary works such as books, magazines, encyclopedias, and journals, researchers can discover and interpret facts and opinions about the issue of abortion.

Abortion research papers are usually longer than abortion essays because the writer makes an in-depth study and then presents the findings.  Moreover, the writer should compare his/her thoughts on the topic of abortion with the information obtained from the references.  Through careful analysis and synthesis of key information on the topic of abortion, writers can influence the ways in which readers think about the subject.

Abortion Essay

There are two main types of abortion research papers.  The first type is analytical because it uses evidence for the purpose of analyzing the sides of the issue.  The second type is argumentative, and it uses evidence for the purpose of convincing the reader to choose a side in the abortion debate.  For instance, if a reader is an anti-abortionist (i.e., pro-life activist), he/she is more likely to agree with an abortion project that presents the disadvantages of the murderous procedure.

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When completing analytical research papers, the researcher must survey the references for important information and views.  This involves both critical thinking and reading.  By carefully analyzing information, the writer maintains objectivity and asks questions that lead to reflection.  By the end of the document, the writer can contribute his/her own thoughts to the abortion debate by drawing conclusions.

Next, when writing argumentative research papers, the researcher must lay out exactly what he/she considers to be the best position in the abortion debate.  Then, the researcher or writer can select only the evidence that supports his/her position.  During this process, writers can compose abortion research papers that give their insights and document their reference sources.

An effective abortion research paper is comprised of both fact and opinion; it's an academic writing that serves the main purpose of informing the reader about the concept of abortion, which is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy.

Abortion Essays

An abortion is the removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus to end a pregnancy.  An abortion essay is a writing that either defends or refutes this act.  Pro-life advocates usually don't condone abortions due to religious or political reasons.  On the other hand, individuals who support abortions are called pro-choice activists.  People who write abortion essays often take a side and try to influence readers to accept or deny the premise of abortions.  Because an essay is a short literary composition about a particular subject, writers often choose this type of writing to discuss controversial topics such as abortion.

An abortion essay that denounces abortions usually gives facts or reasons against this medical procedure.  The writer's purpose, in this case, is to sway the reader's judgment.  Pro-life advocates believe that human life begins at conception and that embryos and fetuses should be protected against abortion.  Hence, the writer presents arguments against this medical procedure and comments positively on the issue of right-to-life.

Abortion essays that defend abortions present details and examples that show why women deserve the right to control what happens to their bodies.  The writer's main objective, in this case, is to persuade others to believe that it's a woman's right to choose abortion.  Therefore, this style of writing is very persuasive because it attempts to change the reader's views.

Then, there's the neutral abortion essay that neither refutes nor supports abortion.  In this general report, the writer attempts to remain impartial by presenting both sides of the case.  This type of writing doesn't try to sway the reader's opinion.  Instead, it presents the overall facts of abortion and allows the reader to choose a side.

All abortion essays appeal to the emotions and intellect of the readers.  Writers can influence the way people react to abortion by their word choice or vocabulary, tone, scope, and point-of-view.  Furthermore, the style, content, and grammar used by the writer will usually affect the way a reader interprets the given information.  For instance, when writers offer significant personal opinion, it's better for them to support their ideas with a few facts or some statistics.  This allows readers to carefully analyze details and come up with their own conclusions.

Writing a Term Paper on Abortion

Term papers on abortion may be assignments for many different types of classes, including biology, history, psychology, and even English.  Also, a student may write a term paper on abortion for many different levels of courses, from high school through graduate school.

Term papers on abortion should follow the same basic format and writing instructions that term papers on any other subject follow.  However, the exact angle of the report may vary depending on the course for which the student is writing the document.  For example, a term paper on abortion for a history class may be very different from a term paper on abortion for a psychology class.

In order to complete an effective project on abortion, a student needs to first research and understand as much information about abortions as possible.  As the student researches, he/she should keep in mind the angle.  Term papers on abortion can also be difficult for some students to study, as they may be exposed to some graphic and disturbing information.

It's important to draft the outline of the report before the student actually begins to write the document.  By drafting the outline, the learner will have a format to follow that will make it easier for him/her to plug in appropriate information where it's needed.

The first paragraph of the document should be the introduction, which will focus on giving background information about the subject of abortion.  The introduction can also introduce key concepts that the learner will cover.

The introduction should be followed by body paragraphs that state new information or ideas about abortion.  Term papers on abortion may be subjective or objective, depending on an instructor's guidelines.

Finally, the report on abortion should have a conclusion in which the student recaps information shared throughout the report and provides a conclusive statement about his/her research.

How to Write a Research Paper on Abortion

Students may have to write research papers on abortion for a wide variety of reasons, courses, and grade levels.  However, the topic of abortion is so common the chances are good that students will have to write at least one report on abortion at some point during their careers as students.  Regardless of the course or the grade level, learners should follow the same basics steps in order to complete an effective project on abortion.

It's important to develop a certain process that makes tackling the researching and writing part of the research paper assignment easy and predictable.  By following a process, learners will not only be able to gauge their time properly, but they will increase their chances of writing effective research papers.

In order to complete an effective project, learners should begin by making sure that they understand the nature of the topic.  If students have to write research papers on abortion, then they need to determine whether or not the professor requires the students to write the assignment from a particular perspective.  The topic will also vary based on the course that the student is taking.

For example, students in biology courses may have to complete a very different report on abortion than students in an ethics or political science course.  Therefore, the type of course makes a significant impact on the direction.

Once students understand the topic and the project requirements, they should begin the research process.  The focus of research for research papers on abortion may vary based on the course.  For example, a student studying ethics may want to perform interviews as part of his/her research for the reports on abortion.  However, a student in a biology class may want to use research methods that focus on periodicals, studies, and journals.

Once a student has performed a significant amount of research, he/she should apply the research by developing an outline for the document.  The outline should include basic information that the learner will include.  Many students also prefer to write comprehensive outlines before they begin the drafts.

There are significant differences in the way that students will write research papers on abortion and essays on abortion.  Because a research paper on abortion is generally scientific, it should also be as objective as possible.  However, an essay is designed to provide a point-of-view.  Therefore, both types of academic documents will contain different types of information.

Abortion Term Papers

An abortion term paper is a record of information gained by a student during a course.  Usually completed by a college or university student over an academic term or semester, this writing is quite extensive.  Instructors typically evaluate abortion term papers very carefully because they account for a large portion of students' grades for the course.  Academic courses such as biology, human development, psychology, political science, and other social sciences often focus lessons on the controversial subject of abortion.  Students in these classes must be able to analyze, synthesize, and draw conclusions about the issue of abortion—the termination of pregnancy.

An important initial step in the procedure for completing an abortion term paper is searching for materials that will provide ample information on the particular topic being examined by the student.  Depending on the topic of the student's investigation of abortion, research of literature will provide useful sources for gathering information and note taking.  Finding reliable sources that are credible and current is a major task for college students.  After reviewing notes and considering the purpose of research, learners can proceed to formulate a thesis statement.  Thesis statements let readers know what issues abortion term paper will cover.

Next, most accurate abortion term papers begin with an outline, which is framework for the student to follow in order to create an effective composition.  For example, if a student is completing a document that compares the advantages and disadvantages of abortion, the outline would contain sections on the pros and cons of abortion.  From the outline, it's easy for the writer to compose each section.  He/She must guide the reader by giving the statement of purpose (or thesis), discussing key information (main body), and making conclusions (statement of summary).  Consequently, the student's first draft must be carefully edited and proofread in order to maintain the quality of the document.

Because abortion term papers are long, they also should be formatted and word processed according to APA, MLA, or Harvard style guidelines.  Furthermore, sections should be arranged logically and chronologically.  An abortion term paper must have different parts, such as a title page, table of contents, introduction, body parts, conclusion, and a reference page.  Most college instructors provide grading criteria for their students to follow when formatting these reports for final submission.  Students must be sure to heed their professors' instructions as they prepare and present these academic works.

Correctly Writing Research Papers on Abortion

A research paper on abortion is one that a student has to write specifically on the topic of abortion.  There are many reasons why a student might have to complete a research paper on abortion.  For example, some students may need to write about abortion for an English class in which they have the opportunity to think critically about a subject.  Other students may have to complete a research paper on abortion for a history class.  Still other students may need to write research papers on abortion for biology classes.

Regardless of the class for which a student needs to complete a research paper on abortion, he/she will still follow the same basic steps to research and write the document.  The first step is to research the subject of abortion within the bounds of the topic.  The student should always keep the topic in mind when writing about abortion, because there are so many sub-topics related to abortion.

Next, students completing research papers on abortion need to compile their research into notes.  These notes will be helpful when the student has to go back to reference his/her research during the writing process.

In order to actually write the report, the student needs to first outline the document.  The research paper outline should show, in detail, what information will be incorporated.  Students can modify their outline more easily than they can modify the drafts.

Once the student is comfortable with his/her outline, he/she can begin with the report drafting.  The first draft is usually not the last draft, so students should be sure to leave enough time for revisions.  Editing is the final process in completing research papers on abortion.

When a student has to complete a research paper on abortion, he/she should be aware in advance that the topic may be sensitive.  Students may have to see images that could be scary to them and they may learn about some medical practices that are heartbreaking.  Therefore, learners should be emotionally prepared when they complete a research paper on abortion.

A research paper on abortion is different than an essay on abortion.  A research paper should be based in facts and provide very little subjective information, if any at all.  However, an essay on abortion should provide a point-of-view based on research and the student's own opinions.

Term Papers on Abortion

While there are countless term paper topics, one of the most controversial topics revolves around term papers on abortion.  There are many different abortion term paper topics about which students may choose to write.  In fact, students in all grade levels and various courses of study may need to write abortion term papers during a given semester.

Students may need to write term papers on abortion for several different courses.  For example, students studying biology may need to write about the biological effects of abortion.  Students may need to write term papers on abortion for political courses.  Students may also need to write term papers on abortions for psychology or sociology courses.  Regardless of the course, learners should follow similar steps when they go about researching and writing their documents on abortions.

The first thing that students need to do in order to create effective projects on abortion is to research the report requirements.  Most professors will give students a hand-out with information about the style of the report, topic of the report, page count, and any other relevant information that students need to be aware of in order to write good term papers.

Next, the students need to plan a researching and writing schedule.  With the schedule in place, learners can begin their research into term papers on abortion by using as many resources as possible that pertain to their topic.  Different topics about term papers on abortion may require different resources.  For example, students writing term papers on abortion for a biology course may not focus on the same resources as students who are writing term papers on abortion for a political science course.

After the student has performed a suitable amount of research, he/she should complete an outline for the document.  This outline will provide the structure and help learners to ensure that they include the right amount of content.

Next, the student needs to begin writing the reports on abortion.  The first draft is usually not the last draft.  Therefore, students need to set aside plenty of time for revisions to their documents.

A term paper on abortion isn't the same thing as an essay on abortion, though both are common assignments in all grade levels.  A term paper is based on factual information and is objective.  An essay can also be based on factual information, but it's usually subjective and provides more opinions and points-of-view.

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