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(Updated on March 10, 2020)

Students who are too pressed for time to complete an academic writing assignment now have the option of occasionally ordering a custom research paper over the internet.  For decades, students have had access to custom papers completed by local college students.  Today's access to the World Wide Web has expanded the pool of available custom paper providers to an international level.  This phenomenon has been to the detriment of American consumers due to the influx of cheap, low-quality, American-impersonating, fraudulent sites from countries like Ukraine, Pakistan, and India.

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There is little difference between enlisting the aid of a friend or fellow student to help complete a report and ordering custom essays from (except that our quality is top-notch).  And, students who are having trouble with a particular writing assignment can order a custom research paper from as a sample of how to write their own document.

Needless to say, custom research paper writing businesses provide a useful service.  Students who are rushed for time because of work and family obligations, students who might not understand the assignment, and students who are lacking in basic writing skills can all benefit from's custom research paper writing services.

Custom Essay Writing & Term Paper ServicesThe most used method employed by universities and educational institutions to make sure that students don't use a custom research paper writing service is to run all submissions through plagiarism filters such as and  These filters are guaranteed to catch papers that students have grabbed from "free research paper" sites or "monthly access research paper database" sites that resell papers or copy-and-paste them directly from the Internet in order to illegally sell them to students as "custom" papers.  With, there's no need to worry about receiving a stolen or plagiarized paper.  In fact, a California University has confirmed that papers are undetectable by all anti-plagiarism software, including

Plagiarism filters and educational policies against the use of custom research paper writing services are two big reasons for students to make sure that they hire only an old, reputable writing service like to write their custom research papers.  A true custom research paper is completed for the student at the time he/she places his/her custom research paper order, not secretly pulled from a database of existing papers.

Custom Essay Service

A custom essay is a text completed by on a customer's requested topic.  This is how custom essays differ from other reports—custom essays are completed by professionals according to the requests of the individual who orders them.  They are, in other words, made-to-order texts.

Most custom essay services are available online.  Many of these services have a database of existing essays on a variety of topics.  In addition, they provide customized services that allow an individual to specify his/her preferences for the topic, writing style, and length of various types of texts.  The individual may also detail the academic level at which the text should be completed, the number of external sources that should be incorporated, and any other details he/she may wish to include.  Most often, custom essays are charged at a by-the-page rate determined by intended academic level and requested turnaround time.  For instance, the page rate of a custom essay ordered at high school-level will cost less than an essay ordered at master's level.  In addition, an essay that must be completed in a short amount of time will cost more than an essay requested at the service's standard turnaround time.  These orders are typically considered "rush" services and carry additional charges.

Because the individual who orders the report often doesn't see the report until it's complete, he/she must be very specific when ordering a custom essay; otherwise, the report may not be what he/she wants or expects.  Most custom essay services have a standard form that the requester must complete.  This form gathers general information about the report, including its topic, page length, number of required external references, writing style (MLA, APA, etc.), and academic level.  It is important to complete this form in its entirety and to supply any additional information that may be relevant to the document.  It is always better to supply too much information rather than too little.  Therefore, the requester may wish to inform the writing service about any specific features that the he/she wants the completed document to include (for instance, an underlined thesis or the use of specific terminology).  This way, the writing service will be aware of the exact wishes of the requester and will be able to deliver a more customized custom paper.

Custom Term Paper

A custom term paper is one completed by a professional writing service at the specific request of a customer.  Custom term papers are only available for sale, and are typically purchased online.  The cost of the report will typically be determined by its length, depth, and academic level.  Custom term papers completed at graduate level may be more expensive than custom term papers completed at undergraduate level.

Custom term papers are different from others for sale online in that they're made-to-order texts.  There are many writing services that have a database of completed term papers for sale; custom term papers are completed according to the specific requests of a customer, and are therefore unique texts that are only made available to that customer.

Individuals who order custom term papers are typically doing so because the report they're seeking must fit certain criteria.  This criteria can range from general requirements such as the particular style sheet the report must follow (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.) to very specific requirements particular to the customer's wishes (such as paper structure and the inclusion of research).  Therefore, the individual must be very clear with the writing service as to his/her exact wishes for the document and should, if possible, attempt to communicate directly with the individual who will be composing the text.  The customer should offer as much information regarding what he/she wants from the custom term paper as possible.  This includes detailing the expected length of the report, the spacing of the report, the margin and other formatting requirements of the report, whether or not the report needs a title page and what information should be included on that page, the style sheet the document should follow, the number of sources that should be integrated into the text, the quality or type of sources that should be used, the topic, the general subject area, the academic level at which the document should be completed, and any other relevant information.  The more specific the customer is, the more likely it's that the writing service will deliver the expected product.  If possible, the customer should request that multiple drafts of the custom term paper be completed and that the customer has an opportunity to read and respond to each draft.  This will further ensure that the customer and the writing service are in accord regarding the content and stylistic elements.

Custom Dissertation Service

Busy students are finding themselves without the time to write their university documents without assistance.  Increasingly, college students are turning to's custom dissertation service to meet their needs.  But, how are students supposed to know what makes a better custom dissertation writing service than any other site?

There are several ways to know how to rate which writing professionals and services are capable of providing the best custom dissertations.  One of the best ways to assess a writing service is to think about the time, effort, and skill needed to deliver the writing assignment.  For instance, a dissertation takes quite a bit of time, effort, and skill by a student.  Custom dissertations are no different.  Even the most experienced custom dissertation writer needs time and a great deal of skill to deliver a great custom reference project.

Students have to consider that time is money.  A student who is unwilling to pay a reasonable rate to for his/her custom dissertation is likely to throw hard-earned money away on a custom dissertation from another "service" that has been completed by an offshore writer, completely copied-and-pasted from the internet, plagiarized from someone else's dissertation, and/or sold and resold multiple times to numerous customers.  Referencing such a dissertation will likely result in the academic dismissal of the student from the college or university once it has been run through the school's plagiarism filters.

A true custom dissertation is one that has been completed for one student and one student only.  At the time the student places his/her order with for a custom dissertation, the order is assigned to a professional writer and the thesis is completed to the student's specific instructions.  Any student ordering a custom report should set the delivery date at least one week before he/she must submit his/her final draft for review.  This is so that the student has time to request revisions from the writer, if necessary, and finalize his/her own document.

Custom Essay Writing

Many students choose to hire a custom essay writing service because they feel that they aren't strong writers and struggle with their research skills.  When a student hires a professional to provide custom essay writings, he/she will need to supply that person with some basic information, including:

  • specific topic;
  • format (such as MLA or APA);
  • number of pages;
  • writing components (such table of contents, chapters, references, appendix, and more);
  • deadline;
  • required readings and materials;
  • etc.

Required materials may include a sample of an essay that the student has previously completed so that the custom essay writing professional can get an idea of the style and tone that the student generally uses.  The custom essay writer will try to understand and relate to the student's existing style and tone.  If the student already has a draft or outline, he/she may provide that to the professional, as well.

In addition to these related materials, the student may also provide a custom essay writing professional with the specific resources that a professor has required.  For example, if a student must review an ethnography for an anthropology class, he/she might give the writer the ethnography to use as a reference during the custom writing process.

Custom essay writing is different than buying a pre-written essay.  When a student buys a pre-written report, that essay may or may not be used by other students, as well.  These pre-written reports will usually be completed on broad topics and may not meet the specific needs of a student's assignment.

However, when a student hires someone to provide custom essay writings, he/she is hiring someone to create an essay based on the specific assignment criteria that were given to the student by the professor.  Therefore, when a student hires a writer for custom essay writing, the paper is customized to the needs of the student and the professor.

Writing Custom Term Papers

Custom term paper writing is investigation-based writing on a specific topic that's requested by an individual and composed by a professional writing service.  A term paper is a text of typically around ten pages that's intended to represent mastery of a certain topic after investigating that topic for a term of study.  A term paper is intended to present an understanding of both the topic and the general area of the topic's subject.  Therefore, a custom report should include not only information the primary topic, but should also hint at that topic's place in the context of the field of study.

Writing custom term papers is different from writing custom essays.  Custom term papers are typically based on research and develop their theses by pointing to relevant scholarly opinions that prove those theses.  Custom essays are also commissioned from writing services, and may also include research, but are typically more focused on the writer's opinions on and interpretations of a topic.

Services that offer custom term paper writing are found primarily online.  Typically, students or other custom term paper seekers will order a custom term paper according to their specific requests by completing a stock form on the writing service's Web site.  These forms allow the requester to specify their desires regarding the paper's topic, writing style, and length.  The individual may also detail the academic level at which the text should be completed, the number of external sources that should be incorporated, and any other details he/she may wish to include.  Writing custom term papers requires the writer to accurately follow all of the requester's details and to understand the conventions of the format, the discipline of the topic, and the subject in general.  Therefore, the writer may need to work closely with the customer in order to determine the customer's exact wishes for the outcome and learn of any potentially overlooked details.

Writing custom term papers often requires extensive research into both the topic and the specific field of study because a report, as mentioned above, is meant to reflect expertise in an area after a term of study.  Therefore, custom term paper writing will likely be a time-consuming process requiring a significant and concerted effort.

Custom Writing Services

A custom writing service is an organization staffed by professional writers that provides individualized texts in a variety of forms and on a variety of topics.  Though some custom writing services will specialize in the production of certain types of texts—for instance academic research papers—many custom writing services will offer a multitude of different writing services for both the professional and academic arenas.  These services include custom essay writing, term paper writing, research paper writing, business letters, resumes, etc.  Custom writing services are different from services that provide ready-made examples of various types of writing.  These services typically have a database of existing texts on a variety of topics, and offer these completed texts for sale.  In contrast, custom writing services create made-to-order texts according to the requests of their customers.  These texts are tailored to the customer's detailed specifications, and are typically charged at a by-page rate.

Custom writing services are found primarily online.  Typically, customers looking for custom writing will order their desired texts by submitting a detailed request on a service's Web site.  These orders specify the customer's explicit directions regarding the text's requirements, including information about the text's topic, writing style, length, and intended audience.  The individual may also detail the academic or professional level at which the text should be completed and the research component, if any, required for the successful execution of the text.  Any type of custom writing service relies on the detailed instructions of the customer in order to produce the result the customer is seeking.  Customers should therefore take care to submit very detailed instructions, and may wish to request multiple drafts of the same document in order to ensure it's exactly as they wish it to be.

There is a large market for custom writing; therefore, seekers of a custom writing service have many options when deciding which custom writing service to select.  One factor that should be considered by anyone interested in hiring a custom writing service is who the staff of the service is.  Because the quality of a text depends on a knowledgeable writer, customers of custom writing services should specify, if possible, that the writer of their document have particular expertise in the area in which the text is being written.  This way, they can be confident that the document they receive meets the expectations of its intended audience.

Custom-Written Thesis

There is a huge difference between a ready-made and custom-written thesis.  Theses that are ready-made have been completed based on the interests of another writer, whereas those that are custom-written are developed and completed based on the interests and requirements of a customer.

The quality of the writing services from which a customer may buy a thesis will vary.  Prospective customers may therefore wish to ask for a writing sample from the service to assess the caliber of its products.  If a sample is unavailable, the prospective customer may benefit from asking about the credentials of the writing staff.  If possible, the customer may request that a certain staff member with experience and perhaps even background knowledge in the area in which the customer wants to buy thesis texts does the writing for his/her project.

If the customer wishes to buy projects that are custom-written, he/she should be very specific about the type of thesis he/she is wishing to buy.  Writing services that offer custom writing will typically solicit specific direction from customers on an order form.  The customer should provide all of the information requested and additional information if there's space available.  The customer should be sure that the writing service is aware of the writing style, writing level, thesis topic, and format.  Providing explicit direction to the writing service will help the customer to ensure that he/she will buy projects that meet his/her expectations.

Custom-Written Essay

A custom-written report is one that's composed by a professional writing service at a customer's direction.  There are a variety of custom writing services, primarily found through the internet, that compose custom-written reports on a variety of topics and in a variety of styles.  Most custom-written reports are charged at a by-the-page/word rate that varies according to the difficulty level requested.

An essay is a brief text intended to express an individual's own ideas, opinions, or analyses.  Therefore, seekers of custom-written reports may wish to specify to the writing service what stance he/she wises the custom-written report to take.  For instance, the topic of the report may be on the causes of real estate value declines.  Rather than simply inform the writing service of the topic, it may behoove the requester to ask that the assignment be completed from his/her own perspective or opinion on the topic.  The requester should also feel free to inform the service of any particular ideas, information, or sources he/she wishes the report to contain.

Requesters of custom-written reports should also make it clear to the writing service that they aren't looking for a custom reference project.  While an essay seeks to advance an individual's own ideas, interpretations, and analyses, a research paper often focuses more on synthesizing existing research on a topic and reporting on that research in an organized fashion.  Many academic papers include elements of research, but use that research to forward the writer's own opinions rather than the opinions of scholars.

It is best to be very specific when ordering a custom-written report; otherwise, the report may not be what the requester wants or expects.  Most writing services will collect information about the requester's desire text, including information about the assignment topic, intended audience, page length, number of required external references, writing style (MLA, APA, etc.), and academic level.  The requester may also wish to inform the writing service about any particularities the requester wants the custom-written report to include—for instance, specific requirements of the requester's discipline.  This way, the writing service will be aware of the exact wishes of the requester and will be able to produce the custom-written essay that the requester expects.

Custom Term Paper Writing Service

Whenever students are looking for a custom paper writer, it's always a good idea to begin their search by looking for professional custom term paper writing services, like  The benefit of hiring a writer through a professional custom term paper writing service is that the writer will be backed by and supported by his/her professional writing experience.  Without hiring a professional writer, students may not know exactly what they're getting when they hire someone to create a project.

When a student hires a custom term paper writing service, he/she should be able to provide the service with project requirements, including specific topics and any required materials that the learner will need to reference.  In some cases, the learner will need to send these materials to the custom term paper writing service in order to get the project started.

Students may also expect to pay different rates for their custom term paper writing services.  For example, if a writer needs to perform extensive research, the student may have to pay more for the document than if he/she were to supply the research or a draft to the writer.

Custom Essay Writing Service

With stressed out college students having less time than ever to devote to academic writing assignments, the average custom essay writing service is thriving.  However, the number of reputable, custom essay writing services (like in America is very small in relation to the number of fraudulent sites from outside of the United States.

Just like any transaction conducted over the internet, customers should do what they can to protect themselves.  There is little recourse for a transaction that goes wrong unless the student takes certain precautions in advance.  First and foremost, purchasing an academic paper from a custom essay writing service is a business transaction.  And, like any business transaction, there are ways to handle selecting a custom essay writing service, paying the provider, and managing the project, which can help ensure the best transaction possible.

All custom essay writing services aren't created equally.  Unlike, most services aren't set up to provide custom-written essays at all, but rather to deceptively sell poorly-written papers authored by amateur students and offshore (ESL) writers who aren't qualified to provide custom writing services to American students.  Many other "services" sell papers that are copied-and-pasted directly from the Internet.  These fraudulent services are almost always significantly cheaper than legitimate, American sites like

Rest assured, for each one of the legitimate sites, there are ten (10) fraudulent sites.  One of the best ways to tell the difference is cost.  Students must use common sense when dealing with a custom essay writing service provider.  Just like a sensible person wouldn't purchase an expensive electronics item like an iPod or gaming system from "Ho Juan's House of Discount Electronics," students have to make sure that they're dealing with a reputable custom essay writing service.  Most people know that purchasing a brand new iPod or gaming system for $25.00 is too good of a deal to be true; purchasing a custom-written report for less than $18 per page is also too good to be true.

Custom Term Paper Writing Service

Students often find themselves in desperate need of help writing the best custom report.  When faced with a term paper assignment that the student can't meet because of time, work, or family obligations, he/she might turn to a custom term paper writing service.  Yet, because these services aren't widely used, students—who might be seeking the best custom term paper—often don't know what exactly constitutes a great custom report.

The best custom term papers are completed by individuals who, first and foremost, understand the requirements for writing such a report.  Although, nearly everyone can write, most everyone doesn't write well.  If everyone were capable of producing a passing term paper, then there would be no need for custom term paper writing services.

Contracting with a writer for the completion of the best custom term paper means that the student needs to be aware of how to determine which custom term paper writing service isn't only trustworthy, but which writing service can do the job.  To that end, the best custom term papers are written by's experienced, degree-holding, native English-speaking writers who specialize in particular fields and subjects.

There needs to be a certain amount of trust between the report writing service and the client.  The reality is that most clients never actually have direct contact with the writer of their document.  For this reason, it's important to employ the best term paper writing services and to expect—and be willing—to pay a reasonable rate .  The old adage "you get what you pay for" generally rings true when seeking the best custom report.  If a student isn't willing to pay a reasonable amount for his/her assignment, that student may receive a document that has been copied and pasted from the internet, completed by someone who isn't fluent in the English language, or fails to meet the requirements that the student provided.

Custom Written Term Paper

When a student needs to complete a college paper, he/she may choose to hire a writer from a custom-written term paper service, like  A custom-written report is one in which a professional writer will complete a unique term paper around a topic that the student has been assigned.  The major benefit of custom-written reports isn't only that they're specific to a student's topic needs, but that they're also completed according to specific assignment requirements.

If a student hires a writer, he/she needs to be sure that he/she communicates his/her needs with the writer before the writer begins the project.  The student should also always give the custom-written report writer the exact assignment requirements, including the specific topic and any materials that need to be referenced, such as coursework materials or books.

There is a huge difference between hiring a writer to create custom-written reports and buying a term paper online.  Even though both situations may involve the exchange of money for an academic paper, a custom-written report will be completed for each unique student and assignment.  Pre-written reports may not suit the exact assignment or topic needs of a student and, therefore, may not be as effective as custom-written reports.

Essay Writing Service

An essay writing service is a type of academic service in which a professional writer will work with a student in order to create an essay that he/she can confidently reference for a writing assignment.  Essay writing services offer a wide variety of options for student who need extra help in the writing area.

Any student can use an essay writing service for help with his/her academic writing assignments.  Often, foreign language (ESL) students and science or math students will use essay writing services regularly for help with their documents.  After all, essays can be difficult for students who study subjects other than history or English.

There are many resources for essay writing services.  Many college campuses have their own student-run essay writing services in which students can visit a resource center to have students or professors review their documents before they submit them.  In such a case, the students or professors will observe the school's Honor Code by not working too closely with students to rewrite the document.  Instead, they will provide insight as to how to outline and edit the document.

Students requiring more in-depth writing help may wish to turn to a professional report writing service.  Many of these services are available online so that students can access them from anywhere at any time.  There are a variety of online essay writing services that offer varying levels of help.

Some essay writing services will merely outline an essay for a student.  The student would then have to fill in the rest of the report on his/her own.  The benefit of having a professionally-written outline is that the student can rest easy knowing that it will flow smoothly and include an appropriate amount of information.  Filling in the outline can be simple, as long as the outline is complete.

Other report writing services will provide a draft for the student to use.  If a student hires an essay writing service to produce an essay draft, he/she should give the service the exact assignment instructions so that the writer can be sure to meet all requirements.

An essay writing service is different than an essay editing service.  Essay writing services will usually work closely with the student from the very beginning in order to customize a report to meet the student's exact requirements.  An essay editing service will usually only provide services to review an essay that has already been drafted.  Essay writing services, therefore, are very comprehensive and can be a good solution for students who require hands-on writing help in order to complete their assignments.

Term Paper Services

A term paper service is a professional writing organization that provides assistance with the composition of term papers, which are investigation-based texts completed as the culminating assignment of a student's term of study.  The assistance provided by term paper services can range from guidance in the writing process to the complete composition.  Many professional writing services will provide assistance with a variety of texts; however, those looking for a term paper service should be sure that they aren't enlisting the help of a report-only writing service, as essays and term papers are different.  An essay is a relatively short text that expresses the writer's individual opinions and interpretations of a topic; a report is a lengthy, typically investigation-based text that covers a scope of knowledge on a topic.

Term paper services are typically found online.  Frequently, these services will have a database of existing term papers available for purchase.  These papers will likely be on a variety of topics in many popular subjects.  In addition, students or other report seekers can order a custom-made term paper according to their specific requests.  This is typically done by completing a form on the writing service's Web site.  These forms allow the requester to specify their desires regarding the paper's topic, writing style, and length.  The individual may also specify the academic level at which the text should be completed, the number of external sources that should be incorporated, and any other details he/she may wish to include.  In order to ensure that the report service will deliver the product the requester needs, the requester should be very explicit about his/her exact wishes.

Term paper services typically charge a by-the-page rate, determined by academic level and requested turnaround time.  For instance, the page rate of a report ordered at high school level will cost much less than one ordered at doctoral level.  In addition, papers that must be completed in a short amount of time will cost more than those requested via the service's standard turnaround time.

Term paper services are staffed by a variety of different types of writers.  It is important when working with such a service to have an idea of the academic training and expertise of the writer in order to ensure that you'll receive a high-quality product.

Dissertation Service

When it comes to completing a dissertation, many learners have a difficult time knowing where to begin.  After all, a university dissertation is a formal, academic paper that most students only produce once in a lifetime, if at all.  There are many different dissertation services that are available to help students create effective and professional dissertations.

In order to find the appropriate dissertation services, a student first needs to understand what a university report is and what is expected of him/her when he/she defends or presents the document.  A dissertation is generally the final document that a graduate student or Ph.D. student creates in order to graduate.  Students need to defend their documents in front of a panel of professors, experts, and, sometimes, their peers.

University reports are often bodies of work that define or accelerate a person's career.  Some people get their jobs based solely on the research that they have performed and described in their document.  Other people publish their documents and receive high reviews for their work throughout their careers.  Therefore, learners should appreciate the importance of their documents.  Finding the right dissertation service can help students create the most professional and thorough dissertations possible, increasing their chances of obtaining a higher-level degree and launching successful careers.

There are three common types of report services: services that will provide a template (which can often be customized), those that will work closely with the student to create an effective and congruent dissertation, and those that will review a dissertation and advise students about next steps in improving or defending the document.  In all cases, dissertation services are intended to help students have the most complete and professional dissertations possible.

When a student wishes to work with a dissertation service that provides a template , the learner will often need to provide specific information about the research that he/she will perform during for reference project.  Most dissertations are completed on very specific topics.  A dissertation template might start with a broad topic, which can then be customized to suit a student's specific dissertation topic.  Each dissertation service will provide an overview of what it's able to do for the student.

The dissertation services that help students along the path to completing their documents often take a close advisory role.  All students may benefit from this type of dissertation service.  However, it might be especially helpful for students who don't have a strong background or grasp of the English language, such as science students, mathematics students, or English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) students.

A dissertation service that comes in after a dissertation has already been completed will generally provide consultations, editing, and advice to a learner to help him/her defend, refine, or strengthen the document.

Dissertation services are similar to paper writing services in that both are designed to help students excel academically through their written academic documents.  However, a paper writing service will generally complete an entire paper, draft an outline, or provide a pre-written report for a student.  Due to the level of required customization for dissertations, dissertation services are often interactive, customizable, and available to help students meet a variety of needs with regards to their documents.  Such documents are also usually much longer and in-depth than the average academic paper.

Research Paper Service

Many student who needs help completing his/her research can turn to research paper services for a wide variety of reasons.  Research paper services are available to help students who have just about any need possible on their documents, including drafting, editing, researching, and more.

In order for a learner to find the right research paper service for his/her needs, he/she needs to first identify what his/her needs are.  Some students may find it helpful to approach their professors with help understanding what their particular weaknesses are.  Professors might recommend a specific research paper service that the student could use, such as an on-campus writing center.  If not, then students can approach a research paper service knowing what to look for and ask for from the service.

After students have identified their areas of weakness, learners should research their options.  If they need someone to help with the research, then they should find a research paper service that specializes in research.  If they need help with the outline, they should find a service for that.  For every need, there are research paper services available for students.

Some research paper services are free, such as on-campus writing centers.  Other report services aren't free.  For example, if a student needs to hire a writer to write his/her assignment, that particular report service would come with a price.

Many students find the right research paper service by interviewing a number of different writers or services.  Students looking for a research paper service online can also perform a Google search for reviews of the report service in order to find out what other students are saying about the service and effectiveness of the service.

A research paper service isn't the same thing as a tutor, in many cases.  While an on-campus writing center may work closely with students in order to help them improve their work, a research paper service usually doesn't work hand-in-hand with students in order to help the student improve.  However, many research paper services will help students get better grades because of their input and help.

Thesis Writing Service

A thesis writing service is an organization of professional writers that provides assistance with various thesis writing needs.  There are many types of professional writing services.  Some of them provide a variety of writing services in all types of genres; however, some of them specialize in particular forms.  Therefore, those seeking thesis writing services should be careful to ensure that the writing service he/she is hiring has expertise in hypothesis writing.

There are many different types of theses.  Seekers of thesis writing services should be clear not only on what type of thesis they're soliciting, but also that the provider is adept in the type of assignment writing the customer needs.  For instance, some seekers of a thesis writing service will need only a thesis statement, which is a sentence or group of sentences that clearly expresses an opinion, idea, or interpretation of a specific topic.  Very different from a thesis statement is a senior thesis—a document composed by an undergraduate in the final year of his/her study.  Senior theses are long, typically investigation-based texts that demonstrate original and advanced study in the student's area of interest.  More lengthy and in-depth than senior theses are master's theses, which are completed as the culminating project of a master's student's degree.  More advanced still are doctoral theses, which are the equivalent of doctoral dissertations.

Thesis writing services are typically found online.  They will likely be provided under a larger service offering various types of custom writing services.  Custom writing services create made-to-order texts according to the requests of their customers.  These texts are tailored to the customer's detailed specifications, and are typically charged at a by-page rate.  Typically, individuals seeking thesis writing will order their desired text by submitting a detailed request on the service's Web site.  These orders specify the customer's explicit directions regarding the paper's requirements, including information about the topic, length, intended audience, and academic level.  Any type of custom writing service relies on the detailed instructions of the customer in order to produce the result the customer is seeking.  Customers should therefore take care to submit very detailed instructions, and may wish to request multiple drafts of the same document in order to ensure it's exactly as they wish it to be.  Customers should also investigate the credentials of the thesis writing service to determine if the organization is staffed by knowledgeable professionals.

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