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Students who have already completed their dissertations are aware of the massive scope of such an important writing assignment.  They are large, research-intensive works that students both dread and eagerly anticipate.  Dissertations have several chapters, including the introduction, methodology, dissertation results, discussion, and conclusion.

In many dissertations, the literature review is the longest chapter.  But, for many learners, the report results chapter is the most difficult to write.  This is because, not only are some students not sure how to phrase their results, it's difficult for many learners to avoid interjecting their own opinions into their document result.

A dissertation is no place for the expression of opinions.  Even in the introduction and conclusion chapters, where the writing is less technical and more free-form, learners should never include their own opinions into the material.  A dissertation results chapter is the forum for a clear presentation of the results of the study, not for the author's opinion of what the report result might be.

Dissertation Results ChapterThe dissertation results chapter should present the findings of the research study as a clear and unbiased discussion.  This chapter must be based on facts only as uncovered as part of the research itself, not how they're interpreted by the student.  This is where many learners go wrong.  Students tend to want to interpret their results.  The interpretation of the research might take place within the discussion or the conclusion chapter, but interpretations shouldn't be part of the report results chapter.

The dissertation result relies heavily on the style of the project itself.  University reports are either qualitative or quantitative.  Qualitative dissertation results rely heavily on the literature review and quantitative dissertation results rely heavily on the statistical information resulting from the research study performed by the student.  Knowing this difference will help the student know how to write the report results chapter.

The dissertation results chapter should draw heavily on the information presented in the literature review if the thesis is qualitative and from the methodology chapter if it's quantitative.  A quantitative dissertation will contain significant statistics and the statistical review of the data in the report results chapter.  A qualitative dissertation will contain more content than statistics.

Like any other chapter of the report, the report results chapter should be proofread for content, grammar, spelling, and other general writing issues.  It is always a good idea for students to have someone else proof their document since a fresh pair of eyes can pick up on errors the student him/herself might have overlooked.

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