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A research paper has several key parts, including the introduction, body, and conclusion.  Whenever a student completes a research paper, he/she needs to dedicate an equal amount of time and thought to each section, as each section has a distinct function.  The research paper conclusion is—according to many academics—one of the most important parts of the report because it helps to establish the paper's objectives and research findings.

Whenever a student needs to complete a research paper conclusion, he/she should be sure that he/she begins at the very beginning of the writing process.  First, the student needs to analyze the project and requirements.  The student then needs to select a topic.  

Selecting the right research paper topic can be difficult for many students.  Some students select their topics based on what they know will be the report conclusion.  For example, if a student in a biology course wants to prove that all plants and animals have similar metabolic processes, the student may begin his/her assignment process with the conclusion.  In such a case, once the student has the conclusion in mind, he/she would look for supporting research.  

Essay Conclusion & Help Writing Research Paper ConclusionsHowever, many learners are unaware of their research paper conclusions until they actually perform a great deal of research on a given topic.  One of the most important parts of research is looking at primary resources with the same effort as a student may look at secondary resources.  The resources that a student uses will often help to direct the different research paper conclusions at which a student may arrive.  

In terms of formatting, a research paper conclusion should always be located at the end of the document.  However, the paper's thesis will hint at the conclusion by briefly stating what the student plans to prove throughout the document.

Students should be aware that many research paper requirements not only require that a student include a research paper conclusion, but also that he/she includes a discussion.  The discussion and the conclusion are very different, though they're located together and both provide a reflection on the research.  The discussion generally is used to describe the student's reaction to his/her research and methods.  However, the conclusion is an objective section in which the student states factual evidence that he/she uncovered through research.

How to Write an Essay Conclusion

Students need to learn how to write an effective essay conclusion in order to ensure that they truly complete each assignment.  The essay conclusion not only wraps up the report by establishing the student's final position on the topic, but it's also the last thing that the reader will absorb and remember.  Therefore, the essay conclusion needs to be not only purposeful and succinct, but also clear and well-written.  

Most professors will give students specific writing instructions, which include the type of assignment that a student should write as well as the length.  Students should then take the assignment and review it in order to find a topic.  Some professors will assign essay topics.  Other professors will allow students to select their own topics.  Regardless of how a student comes by a topic, he/she should understand it before begin the research process.  

The research portion of the writing process requires students to learn as much as they can about a particular topic.  During their research, learners will develop their essay conclusions.  However, students may consider many different conclusions before they decide on just one—especially if they take the time to perform a suitable amount of data collection.  

Students should already know what their essay conclusion is going to be before they start the writing process.  Often, learners will begin by developing a thesis statement, which is usually a one- or two-sentence statement that defines the purpose.  Students then mold their documents around this thesis statement.  

Students need to be aware that while the thesis statement and essay conclusion are very similar, the thesis statement is only a modified version of the report conclusion.  The thesis appears in the introduction, giving readers insight into what they will learn by reading the document.  The essay conclusion appears at the end of the document, clarifying the final outcome and what the reader should have learned.

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