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(Updated on June 25, 2020)

A geography term paper is one in which students will need to write about a topic that's connected to the larger topic of geography.  There are many different topics about which a student may need to complete a geography report.  For example, some geography term papers may require that students study cartography, or map-making, in order to understand the terrain of a particular geographic area.  Other geography term papers may require that students learn about the culture of a particular geographic region and analyze how that culture may have been impacted by geography.

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Regardless of why a student needs to complete a geography term paper, the first thing that he/she should do when approaching the project is to ensure that he/she understands the assignment topic.  Because geography can encompass so many different topics, it's important for students to speak with their professors if they're confused.  In most cases, professors will be able to supply students with written instructions for the assignment that student should be able to follow.

Global Warming Research Papers & Geography EssaysAfter a student understands the assignment requirements and topic, he/she can begin his/her research into the topic.  Students need to make sure that their research follows the guidelines.  For example, if a student needs to write about the terrain of a particular region, he/she may want to write about mountains and waterways as well as how those mountains and waterways are used by the population within his/her region.

In order to perform research for geography term papers, students often need to take notes as well as photographs.  The photographs can help learners to remember the lay-out of an area and may help them to understand how that lay-out impacts the culture of the area.  For example, if a particular geographic region is agrarian, then students may be able to relate that society with the proximity to waterways.  If the geographic region has an isolated population, then students may be able to point to the physical isolation caused by geographic lay-out.

Whenever a student takes on a geography term paper, he/she needs to be sure that he/she looks at maps and photos whenever possible.  For this reason, geography term papers require different methods of research than other university papers.  For example, if a student needs to complete a legal term paper, he/she may only have to review a court case in order to gain information about the topic.

However, when geography is involved with geography term papers, students need to understand from a visual perspective how geography impacts the subject about which the student needs to write.

Global Warming Research Paper

Climate change is an important topic in contemporary society, so research papers on global warming have become popular assignments in academia.  Discussions about global warming aren't merely limited to the sciences, however, as global warming has medical, ethical, philosophic, and business implications that make it an important consideration in a variety of fields.  Therefore, a global warming research paper can be an assignment in a variety of disciplines and in a variety of courses.  Global warming research papers will vary depending on the focus and discipline of the class for which they're assigned.

A global warming research paper completed for a science class will take as its topic some scientific element of the way global warming works or the effects global warming has.  Clearly, such a report will be rooted in contemporary research.  Students writing such a report should be careful about where they get their information, as scientific research should always be found in authoritative science sources such as scholarly science journals.  Furthermore, such students should be sure that the information they use is current.  There are advances made in global warming on a regular basis, so scientific information on global warming from ten years ago may no longer be relevant.

Global warming research papers completed in business courses may discuss the ways in which climate change is impacting business, the ways business and industry can help to ameliorate the effects of global warming, the way climate change should be marketed to the public to make the public care about the issue, or the ways climate change can be used as an effective marketing strategy to promote green business and alternative energy.  Such assignments will likely include a smattering of scientific facts about global warming, but the primary research of the report will be based in business studies, market analysis, financial theories, etc.

Global warming research papers completed for an ethics or philosophy class will likely discuss the individual and societal effects of global warming not from a science perspective, but from a moral and community perspective.  Such assignments might focus on ideas about individual responsibility to global crisis, the knowledge of the effect of global warming on societal interactions, or the ethical implications of not attempting to alleviate global warming.  These papers would draw on ethical and philosophic ideas and theories.

A global warming research paper completed in a health- or medical-based class would likely discuss the effects of global warming on the health of individuals and communities.  This may investigate the potential effects of increasing temperatures and other environmental changes on the ways that the human body deals with growth and disease.

There is a huge spectrum of global warming topics that would be excellent candidates for research paper topics.  Students should remember, however, that despite the fact that they may have strong opinions on global warming, a global warming research paper will be different from many essays on global warming because the information presented will be based in research, not opinion.  Though many essays include a variety of secondary research, as well, essays often include appeals to emotions or mentions of the writer's own experiences.  Such appeals are typically not appropriate in investigation-based texts.

Geography Dissertation

A geography dissertation is a lengthy and original investigation-based text composed by a geography doctoral student in the final phase of his/her degree.  Geography dissertations are independent projects geography students complete after they have completed the required coursework and exams in their discipline.  The dissertation is intended to reveal the student's in-depth knowledge of his/her focus in geography and ability to apply that knowledge to create new and important research.

University reports are intended to be very long; in this way, the report and dissertation process may be quite different from the other scholarly projects a geography student may have done.  By the time many doctoral students reach the report level, they have already completed and published conference papers and perhaps even journal articles.  Such documents are often modified into books in the future, so they're much longer and more in-depth than papers or papers.

As geography is largely dependent on study in the field, it's likely that most geography dissertations will be at least in part reports of the student's individual fieldwork experiments.  Therefore, many geography dissertations will assume the standard scientific dissertation format, which is based on five chapters:

  1. an introduction of the research problem and a statement of the study's purpose;
  2. a review of existing literature on the topic;
  3. a methodology section explaining the study's procedure;
  4. a results chapter outlining the study's findings;
  5. a discussion chapter that suggests the implications of the results.

In addition to the five main chapters, most geography dissertations will need to include the following:

  • pages of front matter (title page, copyright page, approval page, abstract, table of contents, list of tables, and list of figures);
  • a comprehensive list of references;
  • an appendix;
  • the writer's curriculum vitae.

The introduction of a geography report should contextualize the research topic and suggest why it's important that that topic be studied.  The introduction should also offer background information on the writer's topic, explain that topic's importance in the field of geography and beyond, outline the student's objective in studying the topic, and articulate the student's hypotheses regarding the research outcomes.

The second chapter of a geography dissertation is the literature review, which is an overview of existing research that relates to the student's topic.  All studies that help to inform or contextualize the student's research project should be summarized in this chapter.

Following the literature review, geography dissertations present what is known as the "method" or "methodology chapter."  This chapter describes the researcher's process of executing his/her study in such a way that another researcher could replicate the study based on the information presented.

The results chapter of a geography dissertation presents analysis of the data gathered during the study's execution.  Most geography dissertations will be based primarily in quantitative data, so it's likely that the results chapter of a geography dissertation will include many tables, graphs, and charts representing that data.  In addition, this chapter must present statistical analysis of the results in order to determine the results' significance.  The instruments used in this analysis should be identified.

A geography dissertation will close with a discussion chapter.  This chapter explores the relevance of the student's study and how the results can be applied in the field.  The discussion chapter may also point to future areas of study that may build on the researcher's own work.

Global Warming Term Paper

Global warming has become a topic of ever-growing significance in contemporary dialogue and research.  Its prevalence in both popular and academic discourses has rendered it a common topic for college courses in a variety of fields and disciplines—not just the sciences.  Thus, many college students who are interested in the topic and wish to write about it may wonder not only how to write a global warming term paper, but how to write global warming papers that are tailored to specific courses.  Both depend on the student being aware of his/her audience and his/her writing objective.

The audience of a global warming term paper for any course is assumed to be the instructor and the students of the class.  This means that a student writing such a report for a biology class will have a dramatically different audience from a student writing such a report for a sociology class.  These papers will assume that the audience has different interests in global warming, as well as different knowledge about it.  The student must adapt the report to this audience in order to make the report relevant and properly engage his/her readers.

Many students learning how to write global warming term papers will not consider the importance of their writing objective and how that writing objective should shape the document.  If the objective of the paper is to persuade the audience to the writer's point-of-view, the report will be very different than if the writer is only trying to inform the audience.  Before writing, a student should consider what his/her aim is in writing the text, and develop that text accordingly.

Learning how to write a global warming term paper will likely be different from learning how to write other reports because climate change is a topic that's changing rapidly.  This will make the research element of the report more challenging.  Because scholarly opinions on global warming have evolved significantly in the past few decades and even years, students must take care that the research they use is up-to-date.  Global warming research from 1994 will likely not be as relevant as global warming research from 2014, simply because great strides are made within the field every year.  Therefore, learners should favor current research, and rely on older studies only if they're needed for contextualization.  Furthermore, one of the most important aspects of learning how to write global warming term papers is determining the credibility of external sources.  Climate change is a phenomenon that's not entirely understood, and there are many varying opinions about its primary causes and effects.  Therefore, students must be aware of the scientific credibility of the sources they're citing.  This may require some background investigation into the author and publisher of the work.

If students have questions about how to write a global warming term paper, they may benefit from seeking the guidance of a science professor for factual consultation, a writing center for writing help, and a reference librarian for research assistance.

Geography Essay

Students in geography coursework classes will have to become familiar with a wide variety of geography essay writing.  As a student progresses through a geography course, the geography coursework requirements and assignments may change a great deal.  However, learners should be sure that they understand the purpose of each assignment and the proper methods to complete a geography essay.

Whenever a student is given a geography essay assignment, he/she should begin the assignment by reviewing the specific requirements.  Each different geography essay assignment will have a different purpose, which the student should understand if he/she is going to be effective in his/her research methods.  For example, some geography essay assignments require students to learn about culture while others might require learners to learn about topography.

After a student understands the project requirements and the purpose of the geography essay assignment, the student should develop a plan for completing the assignment.  Some students will be able to complete the geography coursework assignment completely through research.  Other students may have to conduct experiments or build models in order to complete the assignment.  Therefore, developing an initial plan can go a long way in helping a learner to understand what needs to be done in order to affectively complete the project.

Once the student has developed the geography essay assignment plan, he/she should begin his/her execution of that plan.  Especially with plans involving research, it may be important for the student to be flexible during the early stages of the project, as initial research may change the scope of the project.  Therefore, learners should keep in mind that the plan may have to stay flexible if they want to complete the project as successfully as possible.

Since the geography essay assignment involves writing, the student should develop an outline for the document before he/she begins the actual first draft.  The outline will provide the guide that includes the format and content.

While there are many different types of geography coursework assignments, the basic methods for effectively completing them are similar.  However, geography essay assignments differ from many other subjects and shouldn't be confused.  For example, even though anthropology and geography are often closely linked, the two should be treated differently.  Methods that a student takes to complete an anthropology assignment will most likely differ from the methods that a student uses to complete a geography essay assignment.

Global Warming Essay

A global warming essay is a brief document presenting a writer's opinion, interpretation, or analysis on some issue related to global warming.  Unlike climate change research papers, which present varying ideas and opinion of scholars, global warming essays will explore an aspect of climate change in an individual way, through the presentation of the writer's own analyses and opinions.  It is likely that such a report will include some secondary sources, but the basis of the argument will be the writer's own.

Global warming reports should pick a single, narrowly-defined aspect of climate change to discuss.  Frequently, a global warming essay will be a persuasive or argumentative paper in which the writer attempts to convince his/her audience of the superiority of his/her position.  Sometimes, global warming essays will be informative and solution-oriented, meaning the point of the reports is to discuss and explore various ways in which climate change can be alleviated.  For any type of global warming essay, the student must present a thesis—a sentence or group of sentences that clearly articulates the main point or argument.  This thesis should be presented within the first 1/4 of the report, and every paragraph thereafter should contribute to the development or defense of that thesis.

Though the opinions and analyses presented in the report will be the writer's own, it's likely that it will need to include some outside research, since climate change is a scientific topic and therefore the understanding of any aspect of climate change depends on the research of scientists.  These secondary sources should be used to bolster the points the writer is making rather than speak for them.  This means that whenever a source is referenced, it should be framed by the writer's own words, and every reference should be thoroughly discussed and contextualized in terms of the writer's thesis development.

Climate change is a topic on which the world is still learning.  Therefore, there are many different opinions on the way in which climate change should be addressed.  Global warming essays on any topic should therefore anticipate the arguments of their detractors and opponents and attempt to address those arguments in the course.  This doesn't require the writer to anticipate and attack every possible counterargument, but merely to acknowledge likely opposition and suggest why his/her stance is still valid in the face of such opposition.

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