How to Write a Speech

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Successfully learning how to write a speech essay can mean the difference between captivating your audience and leaving them board to tears.  When it comes to writing your public speech essay, there are a number of things that you'll need to consider, each of which may have an impact on the type of speech you write.  For example, if you're trying to persuade the audience, your word choices might be different from what you would write if you were simply trying to inform the audience.  Similarly, if you're trying to lighten the mood and entertain the audience, your speech will be different from what you would write if you were trying to share sad or unfortunate information with the crowd you're addressing.

After you have considered your audience and determined the tone you're trying to achieve with your speech, you can begin the speech writing process.  Always keep your audience in mind as you write your speech and make sure that your words will make sense to the target audience and will make the impact you're striving for.

How to Write a SpeechAnother factor that you'll need to consider is time.  Usually, when asked to do a public speech, you'll also be provided with a timeframe that you're expected to fill.  It is important that you complete a speech that's long enough to fill that block of time.  Similarly, it's important that you don't go over your allotted timeframe.  The only true way to know if you have completed a speech that will fill the amount of time you have allotted is to practice the speech several times.  If you find that your speech is too long or too short, you'll need to add or omit from it as necessary.  The more you write speeches, the better you'll be able to judge how long the speech needs to be in order to fill a particular amount of time.

Once you do begin the writing process, you need to start with a strong introduction that will grab the audience's attention.  In general, you should introduce who you're and what the purpose of your speech will be.  Depending on the situation, you might also tell the audience how long you'll be taking with your speech, as this helps the audience get better prepared for what you'll be sharing with them.

To help grab your audience's attention, you might start out with an opening joke or anecdote.  Or, you might simply pose a question to your audience or you may introduce an interesting or startling fact.  

After your introduction, your speech should be arranged to present the information to your audience.  Your speech essays should have anywhere from three to seven main points, each of which should be prioritized according to its importance or relevance.  If your speech turns out to be too long, you'll simply delete those points that are least important.  Once you have prioritized your speech, you should present the most important point first, then present the least important and then move in order back up to the most important point that remains.  For example, if you're presenting four main points, you'll start with the most important point and will follow up with the least important, the third most important, and then the second most important point.

Be sure to back up each of your points with statistics or interesting information.  Then, when completing your conclusion, be sure to summarize each point and to restate your main purpose in a way that will leave a lasting impact on your audience.

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